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First Look at the new Social Pie Menu coming to Base Game


Check out what to expect from The Sims 4’s improved Social Pie Menu!

The Sims Team held a livestream today for The Sims 4 Growing Together and Base Game features. During the stream they’ve finally revealed the awaited Social Pie Menu upgrades!

Social Pie Menu – What’s New?

The interactions that you used to find in intentional categories now have their own subcategories. All based on the new Conversation Topics and Sim Characteristics which define a Sim’s personality.

If you have The Sims 4 Growing Together, the compatibility suite of suggested interactions only grows smarter. Check out the new preferences!

Sims 4 - New Social Pie Menu
Preview of the new Social Pie Menu categories / Image by @SimGuruNinja

Menu Upgrade Info

During the livestream, SimGuruNova shared new behind the scenes information about the upgrade:

Each of the new categories maps to one of the Likes & Dislikes for Conversation Topics. The important interactions like Divorce, Breakup etc. are left uncategorized – so it’s a little easier for you to find.

For example – Become Best Friends is left uncategorized. We don’t want a Sim to decline that because it’s in the category they dislike. We also want to make sure it’s easy for you to find!

New Sims 4 Pie Menu
Pie Menu Preview

Nearly all past interactions added have been subcategorized. You should find it a little bit easier now to navigate. Especially the friendly menu which could get a little cluttered before with all the interactions we’ve added.

Sims 4 Interaction Categories
All the categories in the new menu!

GrimSuruDoi confirmed that there might be a learning curve learning the new interaction patterns. Especially if you’re used to the current mapping of social interactions. However, he believes once you get past it the new categories will be helpful.

They also match up conversation topic preferences, so you’ll be getting hints if they like or dislike a certain topic. There are plenty of new indicators that will tell the story of your Sim preferences within the interactions!

Social Pie Menu interactions
Mean category interactions

Nova also added that the upcoming recategorization is coming with The Sims 4 Infants Update on March 14th. The new pie menu should help categorize interactions from previous Packs too, we’ll see soon!

What are your thoughts on the new changes? Join the conversation!

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