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The Sims 4 Infants: New FREE Objects!


Check out all the new infant stuff coming for free!

The Sims Team showed off more of the new content coming in the March 14th base game infant update in The Sims 4. Previously, we only caught glimpses of some of the objects coming with the infant update. Today, the Sim Gurus showed off every object in detail in all swatches!

The new objects are all nursery-themed. Simmers will have more freedom in designing baby nurseries with just the base game. There are plenty of cute rugs, decorative items, and furnishings to help players build the perfect nursery with the base game. For the first time since the game launched 8 years ago, we’re getting a new baby bassinet in the base game! The baby bassinet comes in blue, pink, and various gender-neutral swatches.

Sims 4 Bassinet Screenshot
Preview of new Bassinet coming in The Sims 4

Sims 4 Infant Update: Upgradable Cribs!

Preview of New Cribs

New infant cribs will be added to the game as well. There are several new styles of cribs. A lot of them match existing furniture styles in the game so you can match up all the nursery furnishings. Some are more unique. Some of the new cribs can be upgraded into toddler beds so the furniture can age with your Sims. Also, there’s a new travel crib that is live draggable coming in the Sims 4 infant update. You can take it with you anywhere so you have a place for your infant to rest even when you’re not at home.

Upgraded Crib
Infant in a Crib

New infant toys with new audio are going to be added, too, along with a large stuffed llama.

Sims 4 Infants Build
So much llamas!

Playpens will also be coming with the Sims 4 infant update. The playpen is a fence that can be used like any other fence. They work like normal fences but also have baby proofing options available on them. The baby proofing options will also be available on all doors and fence gates.

New Sims 4 Playpen
New Playpen Fence and Gate – Lock Options

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