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The Sims 4 Growing Together: Slumber Party Event Guide


Everything you need to know about Slumber Parties in Growing Together!

Have you longed for your Sims to be able to experience slumber parties? Stay up all night telling stories, having snacks and playing games? Well, now’s the time for your Sims to experience the ultimate slumber party in the new Growing Together expansion pack!

Sleepovers are one of several new events that come with The Sims 4 Growing Together. The last time we saw any kind of sleepover was back in The Sims 3!

Story Telling
Story Telling at a Slumber Party

But how do my Sims host a Slumber Party? Well, we have you covered!

Planning a Slumber Party in Growing Together

“Gather your pals together to stay up late, tell stories, and eat snacks, Don’t fall asleep first or you may get pranked!”

Like with any event, simply head over to your Sims Calendar, located at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen alongside the cell phone.

Once you are in your Sims calendar, head down to the Add Event section of the calendar. From there, simply scroll through your events list until you find the event.

Adding an Event to the Calendar
The Sims 4 Calendar Screen

It’s important to note that there are two versions of this event. A goaled and non-goaled event. The main difference is that the goaled one will allow you to earn rewards depending on what your overall result is.

Now you have chosen which type of event you want to complete, you can head over to the next screen.

Here you will select your host, guests, event time as well as the location of the Slumber Party. When it comes to choosing the location, you can select your current property or from selected community locations around the world, including the Recreation Center!

Once you’ve finished selecting planning, you’ll notice that the event will show on the calendar just like other events. You can also make edits to the event and even delete it if needed.

Slumber Party – Calendar Display

It’s Slumber Party Time!

Now that your Sims have finished planning the party, it’s time for the event itself to happen!

Make sure your Sims have a sleeping bag in their inventory ahead of time. You can find them by searching for Sleeping Bags in the search bar or in the Bed category.

Sleeping Bags from Growing Together

If you do forget to purchase a sleeping bag, you can quickly hop into Build Buy Mode and place down any that you need.

So, what can your Sims do during a Slumber Party? Well, it depends on if you are playing the goaled event or not.

If you are playing the goaled version of the event, you’ll be focusing more on those tasks to obtain a Silver or Gold medal and unlock the exclusive sleeping bags. If you are just hosting a standard Slumber Party, then you can do pretty much anything you want.

Pillow Fights in Growing Together
Pillow Fights at a Slumber Party

The sleeping bag also comes with some interactions such as Pillow Fight and Tell a Story. Additionally, you can sit, sleep and nap like normal with sleeping bags. Don’t forget, if your Sim is the first to fall asleep, your Sim could get caught up in a prank or two!

You can ask guests to set up their own sleeping bags as well. To do this, simply click on any Sim that is a gust and you’ll see the interaction appear in the pie-menu.

Example of Goaled Event Tasks

Here are some examples of tasks your Sims could be asked to complete during a Slumber Party in Growing Together.

  • Get Some Sleep
  • Have Sims Chatting at the Same Time
  • Have Sims Playing Games at the Same Time
  • Have Sims Eating at the Same Time
  • Dance to Music
  • Tell Stories on a Sleeping Bag

The Sleeping Bags

We briefly mentioned needing the sleeping bags for the event. There are a total of four that support your Sims from the age of Toddlers. Two that you can buy directly from the catalogue, and two that are unlocked through rewards.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the two sleeping back options that come as standard with The Sims 4 Growing Together!

The Cosy Camper Sleeping Bag – $220

Cocoon yourself in comfort like a caterpillar waiting to transform. Stay cozy while catching up on some Zzz’s, and emerge as a beautiful, well-rested Sim.

The Cosy Camper Sleeping Bag
All Available Swatches of The Cosy Camper Sleeping Bag

The Mini Camper Sleeping Bag – $140

The Toddler Version of the well-loved Cozy Camper line. All the frills of the original but smaller!”

The Mini Camper Sleeping Bag
All Available Swatches of The Mini Camper Sleeping Bag

Do you want more sleeping bag options? Check out the ones that come as part of the Slumber Party rewards!

Slumber Party Rewards in Growing Together

Like most events, this event is no different for having a goaled version. To be able to unlock these rewards, make sure you tick the checkbox for the Goaled Event when you start setting it up!

Goaled Event Screen for Slumber Party Event
Goaled Event Screen for Slumber Party Event

Silver Slumber Party Reward

For completing a Slumber Party and receiving a Silver Medal, you’ll unlock a cute new sleeping bag for your toddler Sims.

Sleepy Critter Sleeping Bag – $140

“Toddlers are sure to squeal in delight at the sight of this warm sleeping bag. They can sleep on the floor and look cute doing it!”

Growing Together Slumber Party Reward - Sleepy Critter Sleeping Bag
All Available Swatches of the Sleepy Critter Sleeping Bag

These swatches are so adorable, right!

Gold Slumber Party Reward

However, if you complete the Slumber Party and are awarded ta Gold Medal, you’ll unlock another sleeping bag suitable for all your Sims!

Whimsical Dreams Sleeping Bag -$180

“For the Sim who wants to be warm and fashionable, this bag is the way to go. Show your true colours in the great outdoors!”

Growing Together Slumber Party Reward - Whimsical Dreams Sleeping Bag
All Available Swatches of the Whimsical Dreams Sleeping Bag

Tips, Tricks & More

Here are a few tips and tricks for the ultimate sleep over experience!

  • Why not get into the slumber party mood by having your Sims wear their best or favourite sleep outfit?
  • Make sure you place a sleeping bag in your Sims inventory ahead of time!
  • When choosing a location, lots which have proper cooking facilities will ensure that any food related tasks go more smoothly.
  • If you are having an outdoor event, beware of thunderstorms and rain!
  • Electronics won’t work in the rain – be warned!
  • Additionally, make sure any outdoor lot has suitable objects to help keep Sims needs topped up! If they are not on the lot, make sure they are nearby at least!

The Slumber Party event in Growing Together is great fun for Sims of all ages to take part in. Better still, the possibilities as to what can happen during that time is endless!

What do you think of the new events in The Sims 4 Growing Together? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for more here on Sims Community!

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