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The Sims 4 Releases New Roadmap!

TS4 April June 2023 Roadmap

Four kits and an update are on the way!

Sims 4 roadmap

The Sims 4 just dropped their latest roadmap for the game and it looks like we’re getting a whole bunch of kits with the theme of “home.” Given that Growing Together launched not long ago and was a huge hit with Simmers, we can’t say we’re surprised to see The Sims Team continuing to build on that warm, cozy, taste of home feeling.

Let’s take a look at the roadmap!

The Sims 4 roadmap shows some floral and wood wall paneling reminiscent of the 1970s. Then moving boxes with more information and clues about upcoming content. One box informs us we’ll be getting 4 “new and unique kits” and a “hot update” between April and June. It’s already April so we can likely look forward to either a kit or an update this month. The words “new” and “unique” are also capitalised, so we have high hopes these kits will offer something to players we didn’t have before.

New kits and update

More boxes appear and we begin to see previews of some clutter items being placed on top of them. TA plant, a stack of books, a hoodie, and what might be either gardening or home improvement tools (it’s hard to tell) are seen sitting on the boxes. The words “Take Me Home” pop up the end of The Sims 4 roadmap.

Let The Sims 4 roadmap speculation begin!

So what does this all mean? We can only speculate at the moment. If we had to bet, we’d be pretty confident betting on some kind of home improvement kit. The moving boxes, the “take me home” slogan, and the outdated 70’s décor in the background all make us think at least some of the content will be geared towards home renovations.

Sims 4 roadmap

What did you notice in The Sims 4 roadmap that we missed? Tell us in the comments! Also, check out our news category for more Sims news just like this!

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