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The Sims 4 Growing Together has a Secret Hint

TS4 Growing Together Hint

Keep your eyes peeled when playing with the Growing Together expansion!

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Time to get sleuthing!

Simmers are no stranger to Sims 4 hints. Almost everything in The Sims 4 has some kind of double meaning or is a reference to pop culture or past Sims games. Sometimes, The Sims Team even slips in subtle hints about upcoming content! They say they don’t but after eight years of finding hints that turn out to predict the next Sims 4 pack… it’s pretty obvious by now that they do. Even if they try to deny it.

But sometimes, on rare occasions, a brave Sim Guru steps forward and admits to their super sneaky shenanigans! SimGuruNova has revealed that The Sims 4 Growing Together does, in fact, contain a hint!

The Sims 4 Hints… About What?

SimGuruNova tweeted the following cryptic message on Twitter:

But what exactly does this hint refer to? We have no idea! While SimGuruNova stated that she herself was the one who slipped the hint into the expansion, she is determinedly keeping her silence on exactly what the hint is and where it’s located within the expansion pack. However, she did note that it currently remains undiscovered. This means that no one has yet picked up on it!

Well, she did elaborate a little. In a reply to her original tweet, she added that the hint is hiding in plain sight. Still, no further details than that.

Clearly, SimGuruNova is having too much fun teasing us! Since she’s keeping her silence on any further Sims 4 hints, it’s now up to the Simming sleuths to dig for treasure somewhere in The Sims 4 Growing Together!


Shortly before the launch of The Sims 4 Growing Together, The Sims TikTok account seemed to making hints at horses coming to the game. Later, Simmers were quick to notice Sims 4 hints at horses popping up all over the place in the Growing Together pack. There is a horse puzzle Sims can complete and a child’s drawing that features a Pegasus; a mythical creature of a winged horse.

Naturally, this has led to speculation that an equestrian themed pack is on the horizon for The Sims 4. Is this what SimGuruNova could be hinting at?

Missing Horses in The Sims 4? Here are Some Alternatives!
Custom Pose by SnarkyWitch

While it might be easy to get carried away with theories and speculation, it’s important to remember that SimGuruNova specifically stated in her tweet that the hint she’s referring to has not been discovered, yet. This might mean that she isn’t talking about horses at all. It could also mean that she’s talking about Sims 4 hints at horses that we haven’t noticed, yet.

It’s definitely not the puzzle or the child’s drawing; Simmers noticed those immediately. Also, according to SimGuruNova, “like it’s right there LOL.” So this hint is right in front of our faces.

Typically, when the Gurus drop Sims 4 hints, it’s usually in the object descriptions and/or the catalogue object designs. We found plenty of horses and unicorn references in the Growing Together Buy catalogue apart from the puzzle and child drawing. There is a set of decorative horse toys, decorative unicorn toys, a teddy bear sculpture riding a unicorn, and one of the child suitcase swatches is a unicorn.

The Sims 4 Hints
Image Credit: ThatSimsLady

However, it wasn’t until SimGuruNova made her tweet that Simmers located a horse mailbox in the pack! The mailbox is a debug object, so presumably, it is in the world of San Sequoia somewhere, but you can find it yourself in the hidden catalogue by using the bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.showliveeditobjects cheats in order.

Are any of these things the obvious yet not-obvious hint SimGuruNova mentioned? It’s hard to say for certain.

Disability Representation?

Of course, we could be on the wrong track completely by focusing on horses so much. We don’t know for certain whether SimGuruNova was talking about horses at all, although there are a suspicious number of horse references scattered throughout this expansion pack.

Wheelchair Ramp in San Sequoia

While on the hunt for the debug horse mailbox (which we couldn’t find), we did come across this home with a wheelchair ramp going up to the front porch. The Sims Team has recently added support for hearing aids and some other medical wearables to the game. It’s not a far stretch to think maybe there are Sims 4 hints pointing to more disability representation in the near future.

Also, since this house is in plain sight in the world of San Sequoia, it would qualify as being “right there” in plain sight as SimGuruNova teased.

What Sims 4 hints do you think SimGuruNova was pointing to? Let us know in the comments and never miss news like this by keeping up with our News category!

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