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Sims 4 Unreleased Objects: Adorable Growing Together Art!

sims 4 growing together concept art

We could have had so much more in The Sims 4 Growing Together…

Sims 4 unreleased objects

A concept artist hired by EA has posted Sims 4 unreleased objects from the Growing Together expansion pack on their professional website. Yuxing Art has revealed three images containing six room views from The Sims 4 Growing Together that ultimately, did not make the cut for the final expansion release. The concept art gives us a glimpse into some of the early design concepts the developers were considering in the initial planning stages of the expansion pack. Let’s take a detailed look at each room design, shall we?

The Sims 4 Unreleased Objects

Yuxing Art showcased six different room views as early concept art for The Sims 4 Growing Together. There appears to be a patio, a kitchen, a sunroom, a living room with a small dining area, a front entrance or mud room, and a bathroom.

Please remember that the following images are explorational concept art only. The items depicted in these images were intended to help give the developers a sense of direction for the pack and were not necessarily planned items for The Sims 4 Growing Together.

Patio and Kitchen

Sims 4 unreleased objects

This patio concept design is adorable and we are a bit sad that the pictured gable and the small tree in a stone planter were not included in the final pack. The kitchen makes us even more wistful for what might have been. The circular rug, all the open shelving underneath the countertops, a fridge covered in children’s drawings, and storage shelves built into the staircase all catch our eye and make us yearn for these things even more.

Sunroom and Living/Dining Room

While the self-contained terrarium with the tree growing inside is a beautiful object, we can see why these sorts of Sims 4 unreleased objects didn’t actually get made for the Growing Together expansion pack. Simmers can easily create enclosed garden spaces like this using walls with floor-to-ceiling windows so it doesn’t actually add anything new to the Build/Buy catalogue. Still, it’s hard not to drool over the those staircases with built-in bookshelves. Not to mention the cast iron wood burning fireplace.

Mud Room and Bathroom

Sims 4 unreleased objects

It’s nice to see a fair few objects here that actually did make it into the final Sims 4 Growing Together release! Players will no doubt recognise the shower/tub combo with the adjustable shelf, the towels hanging on the walls, and some of the light fixtures, as well as the bathroom floor tile. The sink is a recognisable object from the pack, too. That “leeb, leefuh, lurve” sign on the wall, the welcome mat, the basket of toilet paper roll, and the wicker basket umbrella stand are all things we really wish had made the final cut, though. Sadly, they remain Sims 4 unreleased objects.

What Might Have Been…

It’s hard to look at these Sims 4 unreleased objects and not lament the fact that they didn’t make it into the final release of the games. Some of these items would have been total game changers for builders, especially if they were usable and not just decorative. Like the staircases with bookshelves built into them. Those would have been such great space savers in small family homes if Sims could store, purchase, and read books from a bookshelf built into their staircase.

But again, it’s important to remember that concept art is just that; a concept. It’s quite normal for all video games to begin with exploratory concept art that contains items not released with the finished game. The Sims 4 unreleased objects from the above concept art is no different.

Thank you to @PattonKieran on Twitter for the tip about this concept art!

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