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The Sims 4 CC Pack: Garden at Home Overview

sims 4 garden cc pack

Total of 35 lush Sims 4 Garden CC objects to decorate your outdoors!

Take your Sims’ gardens to the next level with the Garden at Home Custom Content set from Max20! This Sims 4 Garden CC collection features over thirty brand-new items you can use!

This new pack has plenty to offer from a vast range of new gardening inspired decorative items including a greenhouse, mini-greenhouse, arches and of course plenty of plants. As well as new functional items including tables and chairs, planters, shed and more!

Sims 4 Garden CC: Garden at Home by Max20
The Sims 4 Garden at Home Pack Art by Max20

With so much to offer, this Sims 4 Garden CC Pack is the perfect addition to your game. It not only contains a number of beautiful and versatile new objects, but works incredibly well alongside many of the current in game objects, as well as the recently released The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven Kit.

What is included with this custom content collection?

  • Total items: 35 New objects!
  • Lighting: One new outdoor light
  • Comfort: Swing Chair and Round Bench
  • Surface: Everyday Table and Gardening Table
  • Decorative: Potted Plants, Flowerbed, Seedling Starter Kit, Watering Cans, Columnar Juniper (standard and short), Pots, Chopping Log, Mini Greenhouse, Wheelbarrow, Bird Bath, Garden Arch and, Garden Gate.
  • Plumbing: Outdoor Water Faucet
  • Other: Trashcan, Planters (four different variants), Shed by O’Brian’s Workshop, greenhouse
  • Garden: Hydrangea, Lilies, Tulips, Side Bush, Three varieties of River Rocks
  • Terrain: Dry Fallen Leaves and Clover Grass Terrain Paints
max20 garden at home screenshot
Garden at Home by Max20

We’ve compiled a gallery showcasing all the new items, including every swatch of each object that you can check out below!

How do I download this CC pack?

You can download the this Sims 4 Garden Custom Content collection from Max20, right now, for free from their Patreon! Click the button below to head over to their Patreon!

New to Mods and Custom Content and want to know how to add these into your game? We’ve got you covered with this super handy Getting Started Guide!

Our Thoughts

Well, what can we say! This The Sims 4 Garden CC Pack is an excellent addition to your game!

The vast range of objects across Build and Buy mode are fantastic. From everyday gardening items perfect for every home to objects that help bring out those smaller details. The new arch and gate that come in this collection are the perfect way to welcome your Sims into the garden or maybe even a secret area of the garden!

The standard garden table surprised us, as if you connect multiple of them it essentially turns into a modular table! This is actually a great idea, especially if you are trying to create an outside eating area or wanting to use them as a planting station in a greenhouse.

Why not create a romantic garden, hideaway? Image via Max20

As for the greenhouse building. Well, this was one of our favourite objects. The fact you can place various objects inside and it acts like an actual greenhouse was amazing! We can’t wait to add it into our Sims gardens!

Overall, if you are looking to expand on your Sims gardening experience, take a look at this collection from Max20! Full of plenty of versatile objects in both Build and Buy mode, you won’t be short of ideas! Each and every object comes in a range of neutral colours and with pops of colour that will really help bring your gardens to life.

So, if you are looking for a new custom content pack to add to your collection that gives you even more possibilities for your Sims garden, then this is just the thing you are looking for!

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