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Celebrate the Decade: Win 10 copies of The Sims 4 Packs!

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Win 1 out of 10 copies in our latest Sims 4 Packs Giveaway!

We’re getting the party started early to celebrate 10 years of Sims Community with our latest sims 4 Packs Giveaway!

In case you’ve missed out the teaser, we are celebrating an entire decade of the Sims Community web platform. On May 21st, 2013 the website was first launched, just shortly after the first ever reveal of The Sims 4. Yeah, we too didn’t believe that 10 years after we would still be reporting on it!

We’re planning up a special party event with prizes to celebrate this joyous decade, but until then we have a fun giveaway surprise drop for you all! We can’t wait to start unwrapping things one by one. Let’s begin!

sims 4 packs giveaway

The Sims 4 Packs Giveaway: Win a Pack of your choice!

In celebration of the past 10 years we’re giving away ten Packs for The Sims 4! Moreover, you’ll be able to pick the Pack that you want to win. We’re also very flexible on the matter of platforms that you’re playing The Sims 4 on. No matter if you’re a Console or PC Simmer, this Sims 4 Packs Giveaway is for everyone!

Note that this giveaway doesn’t support Kits. You won’t be able to enter with any Sims 4 Kits titles.

In order to enter, you’ll simply have to answer this question below in the comments section:

Sims 4 Packs Giveaway

Which Sims 4 Pack would you like to win and why?

That’s about it! Answer the question with a Sims 4 Pack you’d like to win in the comments section down below and we will pick ten lucky winners through!

You are free to enter this Sims 4 Packs Giveaway with any of the Expansion, Game or Stuff Packs launched right now. Winners will be further contacted about their preferred platform for the Pack code!

You’ll be able to enter this Sims 4 Giveaway from May 18th up until May 26th, 2023 at 6PM CET / 9AM PT. That’s when we’ll be closing down the comments section!

The giveaway winners will be announced here in the conversations on May 29th at 6PM CET. Make sure your entry is in tune with the giveaway rules that we’ve listed below:

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Giveaway Rules:

  • Write an Expansion Pack, Game Pack or Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 that you’d like to win!
  • Be respectful and follow the Sims Community House Rules linked below.
  • You need to be a member of Sims Community in order to leave a comment! The Sign Up button can be found right above the comments.
  • Not more than 1 comment!
  • Your comment might be saved for manual approval. Don’t worry, we will manually approve your comment in a few hours in case you’re waiting!
  • Make sure you leave your correct information when registering to Sims Community through OpenWeb. Your correct e-mail is needed so we can contact you with the inquiry about your preferred platform for The Sims 4 Pack of your choice!
  • Expect the Giveaway Code to be delivered to you up to three days after the inquiry.
  • Do not share your personal email and data in the conversation!

Ready, set, GO!

Make your entry for The Sims 4 Packs Giveaway in the conversations section down below! Double check it follows the rules we’ve listed above and you’re good to go. Remember – you have until May 26th to make your entry!

As always, stay tuned for the latest updates on The Sims Franchise and the Sims Community Decade Party!

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