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Community Spotlight: The iMachinima Platform

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It’s Showtime!

Let’s take a look at something a little different today. That being The Sims Machinima!

There’s no denying that The Sims community is incredibly talented! From building and creating Sims to custom content creators, mod creators and even storytellers, there is just so much to discover. Of course, one aspect of storytelling that is popular with The Sims is Machinima creators. Needless to say, there are some amazing stories being told through this style too!

Today, we want to share a brand new free service that has launched within the community. This being the iMachinima streaming service!

What is Machinima?

The simplest way of describing what machinima is, is by the following definition.

A method of making animated films using software designed for making video or computer games.

Oxford Learners Dictionary

Sims Machinima
iMachinima Featured Sims Machinima

Who is iMachinima?

iMachinima, is a brand-new streaming style platform for The Sims machinima. Having launched to the public earlier this week, the new platform is already proving to be hugely popular!

The platform describes themselves as leading streaming platform for The Sims machinima. A place where you can discover fascinating stories spanning across hundreds of different immersive series and movies.

Featuring content from a variety of creators, actors, directors and production companies, there is no shortage of content over at iMachinima. There will always be something new to discover.

With such a diverse variety of content, it is important to note that some machinima shows or movies will touch upon mature and potentially more sensitive topics. iMachinima does state in their FAQ’s that while they do allow R-rated content on their platform, they do have a category specifically for this content. This allows users to easily make the choice and to be able to free explore more mature content or explore something more to their liking.

Navigating iMachinima is easy! Simply head over to their website and jump in! Upon arriving at the homepage, you’ll be greeted with their featured machinima followed by a number of easily negotiable segments. From brand-new content, recently added and coming soon. You’ll also be able to dive deeper into individual genres.

From action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, supernatural, crime, horror and more there is definitely something for everyone!

Sims Machinima
iMachinima homepage, showcasing various categories

Each series or movie gives you a breakdown as to what it is about, an advised age rating, genre and those who are staring in it.

With such variety to choose from, here are two sims machinima series that caught our attention when we were exploring the iMachinima platform!

Lost Things by Scrim Rave

After the unexpected death of a young boy and the appearance of a mysterious girl named Ana – four teens from Macopa High School will unravel the secrets of the realms that used to intertwine with ours.

Scrim Rave for iMachinima

Lost Things by Scrim Rave was first released in 2022 and is rated PG. Featuring aspects of adventure, fantasy and comedy, this subtitled series caught our attention with it’s aesthetically pleasing artwork and trailer. Curious to find out more about the secrets of the realms and the mysterious happenings, we couldn’t wait to jump in and watch the first episode!

Invisible by Serendiptia

Meet Hannah, just a regular plain-jane high school student, who doesn’t really grab the attention of most but… could that be down to her own doing? Seeking shelter in her bedroom and hiding from the outside world, she lingers on the mistakes of her past but on one fateful day she encounters a bit of serendipity and takes a small step into the light to find her life may actually change for the better, or at least so she hopes.

Serendiptia for iMachinima

Invisible by Serendiptia was released initially in 2019 and is rated TV-14. With themes relating to romance, drama, mystery, teen and LGBTQIA+ Invisible follows the story of high-school student Hannah. The synopsis caught our attention as something that felt somewhat relatable to our younger self. As for Hannah’s journey, we’ll need to continue watching to find out more!

Our Thoughts

iMachinima is shaping up to be a wonderful streaming platform for Sims Machinima creators. With such a wide variety of different series and movies to choose from, it offers a one-stop website for players wanting to discover something new to watch. Don’t forget to leave a review on any of the Sims machinima series of movies you end up watching, too!

While the platform has only just publicly launched, we are intrigued to see what other fantastic Sims, Machinima land on the platform in the future.

Would you like us to showcase more The Sims machinima’s in the future? Let us know in the comments below, as well as what you’ve been watching over on iMachinima!

As always, be sure to stay tuned to Sims Community for all the latest news and information from The Sims franchise!

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