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The Sims 4 Calientes: Let’s Transform Their Drab Home!

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Let’s give the Calientes a home to match their new makeovers!

In case you missed it, The Sims 4 Calientes and Don Lothario were recently given a makeover by The Sims Team. The Caliente twins and their mother look more true to their Arab and Spanish roots now, which is fantastic to see! As for Don, well, players seem to find his makeover questionable to say the least.

Whether you love or hate the redesigned Caliente household, they are here to stay in our games (unless you delete them, of course) but their home does not reflect the improvements made to these Sims at all. The Sims 4 Calientes look incredible but their home still looks like a sparsely furnished, dimly lit dungeon in the middle of the desert. We decided that the Calientes deserve better than that.

So, we took it upon ourselves to use all the packs and kits in our arsenal to give the Calientes a beautiful home that matches their beautiful new aesthetic!

The Sims 4 Calientes: A New Home for a New Look

Let’s take a tour through this remodeled home for the Caliente household! Nothing was done to the overall structure and layout of the original Sultry Springside home. I focused primarily on redecorating the existing structure, although I did replace all the doors, windows, fencing, and columns.


Sims 4 Calientes

As you can see, the Courtyard Oasis kit came in very handy for remodeling this house. The vibe of that kit is perfect for a desert environment like Oasis Springs and has a lot of colour and personality, just like the vibrant personalities of the Calientes themselves. I wanted to create a space that was as alive and fun as the people who live there.

Some more aerial shots of the home from different angles show off the updated windows and doors all over the house, many of them with floral embellishments to give some dimension to otherwise flat portions of the building.

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While the Desert Luxe kit is not my favourite kit (I’m really not fond of the “50 shades of beige” style), it did work well for this back patio. The tiles, loungers, BBQ, and benches all provide a more neutral space to relax in this vibrantly colourful home. I turned the garden that used to take up half the backyard into a pool and hot tub combo. No one in the Caliente household has any interest in gardening so the garden didn’t make much sense at all. I feel like they are definitely pool and hot tub people.

Living Room

Sims 4 Calientes

Once again, Courtyard Oasis really brought this room of the house together, with some help from Jungle Adventure, Island Living, and some other packs. This red and warm brown living space is colourful and full of personality, just like The Sims 4 Calientes! A large wall-mounted TV and gaming console provide modern amenities while the couch, coffee table, and rug offer that warm touch of tradition.

One of The Sims 4 Calientes, Katrina, is a musician and I wanted her to keep her music space in the front of the home, but that massive grand piano that was here before made the whole space feel claustrophobic. The wall piano that comes with Growing Together was the perfect replacement here, especially with its many colourful swatches. The extra space left room for a microphone, too!

Kitchen & Dining

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I actually really liked the original layout of The Sims 4 Calientes’ kitchen. The bar island was perfect for Dina’s job as a mixologist so I stuck with that layout. I just updated the counters and appliances and gave the walls and floors a face lift.

Sims 4 Calientes

The Sims 4 Calientes’ dining room is a bit more on the rustic side, but with lots of warm, inviting colours like yellow, burgundy, and rich brown tones. The hanging leaves over the windows bring a taste of the outdoors indoors and give the space that added touch of depth and visual interest.


The three bathrooms in the home are all in a similar style. Blue tiles with mosaic tiled walls and a rustic bowl sink continue the overall theme of the home. Each bathroom has plenty of individualized clutter to suit the specific Sims who use it.


I absolutely love the mosaic flooring from the Courtyard Oasis kit with a matching staircase in this area of the home. The Sims 4 Calientes’ personalities really show through as soon as you step through their front door. An accent table with spare change, a cell phone and keys, and exercise equipment show off the interests of the Calientes.

Upstairs, the same floors and walls continue the flow of the house. A shared computer desk sits above the staircase with lots of artwork on the walls and more individualised clutter. Can I just say I love the focus on unique clutter kits recently? It’s taken visual storytelling to a whole new level.


Katrina’s Room

Sims 4 Calientes

Moving on to The Sims 4 Calientes’ bedrooms! Katrina gives off a very feminine, pampered princess vibe so I redecorated her master bedroom in shades of pink. More than one mirror in the room allows her to admire herself from any angle.

Curtains over the bed and a rose gold giraffe statue are just the kind of extra I’d expect Katrina to love. As the matriarch of the house, she also gets an open air patio and a whole bathroom with a whirlpool tub to herself.

Dina’s Room

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I kept the general yellow theme of Dina’s bedroom but gave it a lot of personal touches that point to her ambitious and active personality. A sports drink by the side of her bed with an outdoorsy magazine and a baseball hat and basketball on display on the wall highlight her active lifestyle, while the trophy collection on her dresser show her ambitious side. A large shoe collection, a ring light, and lots of makeup throughout the room also show that she’s high maintenance and doesn’t settle for anything but the best.

Nina’s Room

Sims 4 Calientes

This Sims 4 Calientes bedroom was designed for Nina! Nina Caliente is all about romance. She loves love and isn’t afraid to get it… by any means necessary. Of course, her bedroom is decorated in the romantic shade of red. An elegant canopy bed with floor to ceiling mirrors behind the headboard really set the mood, along with a poster for a romantic movie on the wall. This seductive, sultry space is dotted with makeup and candles to show she’s always ready for visitors… if you catch my drift.

Don’s Room

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While Don is not part of The Sims 4 Calientes family, he does live here, too. I kept his room in the small addition at the back of the house and as you can see, it looks like a total bachelor pad. It’s a mess with random stuff strewn all over the floor and athletic clutter all over the place to show what a gym bro he is. The suitcase shows that he’s only moved in recently and hasn’t bothered to pack all his clothes away into a dresser yet. Knowing Don, he probably never will.

Sims 4 Calientes

Download The Sims 4 Calientes’ Home

You can download The Sims 4 Calientes’ new home for yourselves! This build uses no CC so console players can enjoy it, too! Just click the download button below to save this build to your library. Or, look for SnarkyWitch in the Gallery and find the lot called Sultry Springside Remodel.

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