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Discover this Sims 4 Photography Boost Before it’s Gone!

sims 4 photo boost

A much-loved glitch is being removed from the game and Simmers are NOT happy

The Sims Team just dropped their latest Laundry List and a Sims 4 photography boost glitch that has become a fan favourite is scheduled to be removed from the game. Simmers are in an uproar about this. It might seem strange to be upset about glitches being fixed; however, this particular glitch was actually beneficial to players. Simmers have grown to become extremely fond of this glitch because they can use it to their advantage in their gameplay.

So What is This Sims 4 Photography Boost Glitch?

Sims 4 photography boost

Ordinarily, Simmers would have to spend a lot of time investing in conversations with other Sims in order to make friends. While this isn’t such a big deal if your Sim just wants to have a small circle of friends, it gets tedious when you have extremely social Sims with aspirations like Friend of the World. You spend a lot of time mindlessly clicking and queuing up interactions. It isn’t fun and it’s repetitive for the player. I swear, making 20 friends in The Sims 4 is the most mind-numbing, robotic experience as a player. There is only so many times you can compliment someone’s outfit and brighten their day before you start feeling like a broken record.

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But Simmers have found a quick and easy Sims 4 photography boost exploit to make lots of friends very quickly. It involves photography, which is now a base game feature so all players can take advantage of it. Just use your Sim’s cell phone or any camera bought from Build/Buy and take a picture of the Sim you want to be friends with. You will have to introduce yourself to the Sim, first. It would be pretty weird and creepy to take a picture of a total stranger, after all. Taking another Sim’s picture massively increases friendship gain between those two Sims.

The Sims can go from barely knowing each other to Good Friends after just 5 to 10 pictures, which is just one or two photo shoots. It’s a very powerful Sims 4 photography boost exploit.

Surprising Community Reactions

Obviously, such a useful Sims 4 photography boost glitch is bound to be popular with players so upon hearing that this glitch was going to be “fixed” in the next base game update, Simmers made their discontent known.

This is probably the first time we’ve ever seen a Sims 4 glitch get fixed and Simmers are angry about it. But honestly? We agree! Leave our Sims 4 photography boost exploit alone, please! We like it! The Sims 4 is a single player game so having this exploit doesn’t put anyone else at a disadvantage. Players who want a more challenging experience making friends can simply opt not to use this exploit. They can become friends, first, then start taking pictures for fun and decoration if they want to.

Sims 4 photography boost

We just really don’t see how this Sims 4 photography boost glitch is problematic for players. In fact, a lot of players clearly like it and want it to stay.

So, if you need to make a lot of friends fast, you should probably use this Sims 4 photography boost exploit before the base game update drops next week.

Laundry Day Glitch to be Fixed

Sims 4 photography boost

So, is The Sims Team actually fixing anything Simmers want fixed? Yes! Understandably, a lot of Simmers are focused on the photography bug that they don’t want fixed so it might have been easy to miss some of the annoying glitches that are getting fixed. Like the laundry bug.

Laundry Day Stuff has been plagued with glitches since it launched and while The Sims Team have released fixes for many of the issues over the years, a lot of those pesky laundry bugs seem to come back sooner or later. One such bug is a bug that prevents players from being able to wash or dry clothes inside a washer or dryer. Since doing laundry is the main gameplay draw of this pack, this bug makes the stuff pack pretty much useless. A lot of Simmers have just stopped putting laundry rooms in their homes all together.

But rest assured, you will be able to do laundry in The Sims 4 once again after the upcoming base game update.

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