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The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod Gets a Significant Update!

sims 4 realistic childbirth mod update

New pregnancy activities and lactation options!

The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod by Pandasama is one of my absolute favourite mods ever made for The Sims 4. It has brought so much emotion and depth to my gameplay and storytelling, making each and every pregnancy feel like a unique and special adventure. So naturally, whenever there is a new update for this mod, I jump at the opportunity to explore and write about it!

The latest update for the mod adds some adorable early pregnancy interactions, along with new lactation options and activities for pregnant Sims. I had so much fun using all the new features so let’s dive right in so you can see them all in action!

The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod Update

Before we get into the latest update for The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod, we should note that this mod requires the Get To Work expansion pack in order to function. All features of the mod are also compatible with Lumpinou’s Relationship and Pregnancy Overhaul (RPO) mod, but players do not need to have the RPO mod installed in order to use the Childbirth Mod.


2023 06 08 11 45 36 202 ellanora by ellcrze

Sims in late stages of pregnancy or who have recently given birth can now lactate! Some Sims might struggle to produce enough milk to feed their newborn while other Sims might produce an overabundance of milk with no trouble at all. Sims with high milk production might experience pain in their breasts and need to use a breast milk pump to alleviate the discomfort.

Sims with low milk production have the option to make baby formula for their newborn as an alternative to breast milk. They can also eat lactation cookies to try and stimulate milk production. Regardless of whether or not your Sim is able to produce enough breast milk, formula is always an option any Sim can choose for their newborn if they feel that’s best.

The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

The lactation level of your Sim resets each pregnancy so just because they produced a lot of milk during their last pregnancy, that doesn’t necessarily mean they always will for every pregnancy.

When the baby is born, you can choose to feed them breast milk or formula milk by clicking on the bassinet.

Of course, lactation struggles can be a sensitive subject for some players. Many parents who’ve just given birth are shamed and made to feel guilty for not being able to produce enough breast milk to feed their baby. Pandasama knows not every player will want to be reminded of this so there are cheat options in The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod to control your Sim’s milk production. Just SHIFT+Click your Sim with the testingcheats true cheat enabled and the milk supply options will be under Childbirth Settings.

Early Pregnancy Activities

Lactation options are not the only new addition to The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod. There are also plenty of adorable new activities for Sims to do during their pregnancy!

Play Music For Baby

2023 06 08 11 28 58 491 ellanora by ellcrze

Starting in the second trimester, pregnant Sims will be able to use a pair of headphones to play music to their unborn baby. Doing so will give your Sim a cute moodlet.

Say Hi to Baby

The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

In the second trimester or later, Sims can ask other Sims they are close to (+30 friendship or more) to say hi to the baby. You can also direct a Sim to do this with a pregnant Sim yourself. Toddlers and older Sims will be able to do this with a pregnant Sim. The interaction can be found under Friendly > Small Talk.

I had my Sim’s partner do this interaction with her. He kissed her baby bump, waved to the baby, and listened to her belly. I held my cheeks and grinned like a goof. Seriously, the animation for this part of The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod is SO stinking cute!

Read to Baby

2023 06 08 12 04 05 318 ellanora by ellcrze

Sims who have high romance (+30 romance or more) with each other will be able to read to the baby together on a double bed. Just click the double bed while your Sim’s romantic partner is on the lot and choose Read to Baby. Your pregnant Sim will approach their partner and the two of them will cuddle on the bed together, reading a toddler book.

This Sims 4 Childbirth Mod animation is very heartwarming with forehead kisses and loving gazes in between reading the pages. This one definitely gave me ALL the warm fuzzies.

Reading to the baby together gives your Sims some cute moodlets, too.

Belly Hug

The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod also adds a cute belly hug interaction for Sims who are romantic with each other. Sims with high romance (+30 romance or more) can do this interaction together. It can be found under Romance > Physical Intimacy.

Your pregnant Sim’s partner will hug their baby bump from behind while snuggling with them. It’s yet another super cute animation Pandasama is well known for. Her animations are always so beautiful and filled with emotion.

Check Baby Bump

2023 06 08 11 42 55 446 ellanora by ellcrze

Again, starting in the second trimester, your pregnant Sims can check their baby bump in a mirror to see how their little one is growing. They’ll stand at different angles, rubbing their baby bump for a bit. Depending on whether you just have the Sims 4 Childbirth Mod installed or if you also have RPO installed, your Sim could gain either positive or negative moodlets from this. With just The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod, they will get positive moodlets as long as they don’t have the Hates Children trait.

Idle Pregnancy Animation

If you’ve called the obstetrician and selected any birth option other than the surgery machine (the EA default), your Sim will occasionally rub their baby bump autonomously. They can do this anytime while doing other things so the animation doesn’t disrupt their action queue. They can do it standing, sitting, or even in the bath. Your Sim might feel their baby kick and get a moodlet from that when they do this.

Since this animation is an idle animation only, there’s no way to trigger it in-game. You should only see it once a Sim-hour at the most, so it shouldn’t feel spammy. We didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of our Sim rubbing her baby bump on her own but here’s a look at it from Pandasama!

The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod
Image Credit: Pandasama

New Functional Objects

In addition to all the new features, this update for The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod brings plenty of new objects to help enhance your Sim’s pregnancy. All of the new items are functional with their own custom animations! All of the new objects can be found in the Build/Buy catalogue easily by searching for the word “Pandasama.”

The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod
  • Headphones: Click these headphones anytime in the second trimester or later of a pregnancy to play music to the unborn baby! The headphones can also be placed in your Sim’s inventory.
  • Lactation Cookies: Eating these cookies can help stimulate milk production if your Sim has a low milk supply.
  • Tylenol: The brand name pain medication Tylenol (or acetaminophen, as its medical name) is often the only pain medication that is safe for pregnant people to take. Now your pregnant Sims can take some Tylenol to help alleviate any of those common pregnancy aches and pains.
  • Breast Milk Pump: Lactating Sims can use the breast milk pump to pump milk from either the right or left breast. If successful, your Sim will get a bottle of breast milk in their inventory from this. Breast milk will spoil after 10 in-game hours if not stored in a fridge.
  • Baby Formula: An alternative to breast milk is baby formula. Click the powdered jar of baby formula to have your Sim prepare a bottle of formula milk for their little one. Formula milk will also spoil after 10 in-game hours if not stored in a fridge.

Download the Childbirth Mod

This latest update for The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod by Pandasama is currently in early access for Patrons. It will be made public on June 20th, 2023. However, the previous version of The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod is available now to everyone!

We only covered the latest additions to The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod in this article, but there is so much more to this mod! Read all about vaginal deliveries, c-sections, home births, ultrasounds, birth emergencies and more, all available in the free version of this mod right now!

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