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The Sims 4 Releases Exciting New Summer Roadmap

Sims 4 Summer 2023 Roadmap

Are you ready to Take The Reins?

The Sims 4 Summer Roadmap has just dropped and we are ready to Take The Reins alongside the community! After the previous Take Me Home roadmap explored more homey and cosy themes it looks like we are now switching our perspective and heading outdoors.

Let’s take a closer look at the roadmap!

Sims 4 Summer Roadmap

Taking a closer look at the teaser image, we can see a mountain-inspired world filled with a short insight into the upcoming content we can expect to see between the end of June and September.

Sims 4 Summer Roadmap: What to Expect

With a Rootin’ Tootin’ Expansion, two bold new Kits, Behind The Sims and even more surprises on the way, needless to say, The Sims Team aren’t horsing around with this Sims 4 Summer Roadmap!

While the Rootin’ Tootin’ Expansion could signal a number of possible themes, it will be interesting to see what the two new bold Kits will be themed around. Additionally a new Behind The Sims event could also give us an update on the Progress of Project Rene too!

Additionally, the teaser image, also states that there is more to come during the next Sims 4 Summer Roadmap period. As to what this could be, the community will have to wait and see.

Sims 4 Summer Roadmap

Let The Sims 4 Summer Roadmap speculation commence!

There has in fact been a lot of speculation recently as to what the next expansion pack could be. With a few leaks appearing online and some hints in-game, many players think that the next expansion pack could well be themed around horses. A theme that has been well-requested by players in the community for a number of years.

As for the two upcoming Kits, it is hard to say what they could be themed around although they could be focused on outdoor activities we haven’t seen before or even some clothing styles that would fit the theme of this Sims 4 Summer Roadmap.

However, upon closer inspection of the roadmap images, something did capture our attention. On the left-hand side of the image, just next to our new Sims head, there are two small images.

Sims 4 Summer Roadmap

The first is a pair of shorts. Could this potentially be a hint towards a summer-themed CAS Kit such as a swimwear Kit? As for the second possible hint, an object that could resemble a chair or possibly a barbecue.

While these two images could mean anything, it does seem possible that the two new Kits will be one CAS-focused and one Build Buy-focused.

Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think they could be in the comments section below this post!

The Sims 4 Pack Trailer

On Thursday 22nd June 2023 at 10 am PT, a new YouTube video will be released by The Sims showing us more from the upcoming Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack.

You can set a reminder right now so that you don’t miss out!

Don’t worry if you can’t make the trailer release as we will have you covered with everything you need to know! From information about the Release Date to breaking news, we’ll have it all here.

So stay tuned to Sims Community later this week for all the latest news and information from The Sims franchise!

Thoughts on The Sims 4 Summer Roadmap?

What do you think about the Summer 2023 Roadmap for The Sims 4?

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