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SPECULATION: The Sims 4 is getting Customizable Ceilings

sims 4 editable ceilings fe

This highly requested Sims 4 feature could be a builder’s dream come true!

It seems EA and Maxis are preparing a big feature update for The Sims 4 according to the latest Horse Ranch Expansion leak. One of them being the long awaited Sims 4 Customizable Ceilings feature! This specific Build Mode feature has been present in previous Sims titles, including The Sims 2 Apartment Life and The Sims 3.

The Sims 4 hadn’t introduced the Customizable Ceilings throughout its live service course of 10+ years. However, the Sims 4 Horse Ranch screenshots below seem to tell that this is about to change.

NOTE: The Customizable Ceilings Feature haven’t been yet confirmed by The Sims Team. This article is based solely on the screenshots from the Horse Ranch Expansion. It’s best to wait with us for the full reveal of the Expansion Pack to know more for certain.

Sims 4 Customizable Ceilings spotted inside a Horse Ranch

We’re not kidding with the headline above. The leaked Horse Ranch screens from Steam have shown colored Ceilings inside of a Horse stable.

Don’t believe us? You can spot the Edited Ceiling right below this paragraph!

Sims 4 Customizable Ceilings in Horse Ranch
The Sims 4 Customizable Ceilings could arrive to Base Game after 10 years

We don’t know for certain if the lot shown in the screenshot is an editable one. The ceiling color variant that appears here is still different from what we have now in The Sims 4 Base Game.

This isn’t the only source of edited ceilings that we’ve found in the Sims 4 Horse Ranch leak. Another screenshot, featuring a Dance Party inside of a Western Barn, also has a hint of Sims 4 Customizable Ceilings. You can see the wodden tiles being subtly applied to the ceiling – right where the doors are:

Sims 4 Horse Ranch

Ceilings shown in these screenshot samples have different tiles applied to them, it seems. The second screenshot features more darker tones than the first one. But we could be just overanalyzing it for now.

New Painted Ceilings Previews

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Reveal Trailer has just showcased new previews of the Editable Ceilings. Look at those new combinations!

Don’t forget – it’s too early to tell!

Are these Screenshots a direct confirmation of Sims 4 Customizable Ceilings feature? No. But there’s a peculiar amount of proof already in the Horse Ranch early previews.

The Sims community keeps remaining hopeful at least that they’ll be able to change their ceilings to literally anything else. For real, we’ve been waiting for this one for ages!

Early Statements on Sims 4 Customizable Ceilings

Player @Simmatically has pointed out early statements from Maxis devs regarding Editable Ceilings in The Sims 4. Going all the way back in 2018 when developer Grant Rodiek stated the following facts on Twitter:

Truth time: I 100% know you want to edit ceilings. I 100% don’t get it! Don’t worry, it’s on the list.


Grant had also empathized with builders who wanted the Sims 4 Customizable Ceilings feature in the game. Pointing that this feature would be very useful for players who love taking screenshots and Sims 4 Build Mode fans.

sims 4 customizable ceilings dev statement

That’s all we know – as of now!

Remember, this is just a speculation based on the leaked Sims 4 Horse Ranch screenshots from Steam. We’re hoping to find out more about this feature on June 22nd, 2023 after the next Expansion Pack gets fully revealed.

What do you think about these news? Stick around to Sims Community and always be in the loop about new Sims 4 features and content!

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