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Sims 4 Paranormal Career: Crush Spectres Like a Pro!

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Who you gonna call? A Paranormal Investigator!

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The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff introduces a brand new Freelance career to the game; The Sims 4 Paranormal career! Your Sims will be able to visit other residences and save the inhabitants of the home from all manner of ghostly activity. Becoming a Paranormal Investigator isn’t as easy as picking up the phone and signing up, though. Read on to find out more about joining this mysterious Sims 4 paranormal career.

Sims 4 Paranormal Career

The Sims 4 Paranormal Career Guide

Becoming a Paranormal Investigator

To start the Sims 4 Paranormal career, you need to be licensed. Getting a Paranormal Investigator License takes some time and effort, no matter how you go about acquiring it. There are two ways to obtain a Paranormal Investigator License; through Guidry or the Rewards Store.

Although buying a license through the Rewards Store may seem like the easy option, it does cost a hefty 3,000 Satisfaction Points, so your Sims will still need to save up for it. A good way to earn the Satisfaction Points is by living in a haunted house. You’ll earn Satisfaction Points for every night you spend there!

If you want to earn your Sims 4 Paranormal career license by proving yourself as a capable medium, you can also get your license from Guidry. Guidry the ghost will visit your home on your second night in a haunted house. He can also be summoned on non-haunted houses using the Séance Table. He’s a friendly ghost who’s there to help your Sims and has all manner of information on how to handle creepy happenings. He also gives out Paranormal Investigator Licenses to Sims who’ve shown promise as a Paranormal Investigator.

To impress Guidry and get your Sims 4 Paranormal career license, you’ll need to max out the Medium skill to level 5, then tell Guidry you want to become a Paranormal Investigator. Guidry will reward you with a Paranormal Investigator License. You can see this reflected in the traits section of your Sim’s info panel.

Once you have a Paranormal Investigator License, you can get hired as a professional Paranormal Investigator! The Sims 4 Paranormal career is a branch of the Freelancer career. After obtaining your license, use the phone or a computer to join the Freelancer career, then select the Federal Bureau of Paranormal Investigation branch.

Taking On Gigs

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Once you’ve officially become a Freelance Paranormal Investigator, you have to look for gigs on the computer. You can also search for gigs for this Sims 4 Paranormal career by clicking the Check for Gigs icon in the career info panel.

There are three levels of gigs your Paranormal Investigator can sign up for; Beginner, Adept, and Expert. I recommend starting out with a Beginner gig just to get a feel for what you’ll be doing in The Sims 4 Paranormal career. The beginner gigs are pretty straight forward, but the adept gigs are more challenging and the expert gigs are seriously no joke! I got a very unpleasant surprise when I showed up to my very first expert gig woefully unprepared.

Regardless of their difficulty level, all gigs for The Sims 4 Paranormal career follow the same formula. When you show up at a gig, you have a time limit (9:30pm – 6:30am) and a progress bar, depicted in the top left corner of your screen, with only one goal listed underneath; Exorcise the Lot.

Sims 4 Paranormal Career

There are a number of different ways to exorcise the lot and fill up the progress bar in the Sims 4 Paranormal career:

  • Removing cursed objects
  • Cleaning up ectoplasm and cursed symbols
  • Having positive interactions with specters
  • Performing a Ceremony at a Séance Circle. Your Sim must have their Medium skill maxed out to put down a Séance Circle anywhere they want. Most Sims you visit won’t have a Séance Table in their home for you to use.

Any of these actions in the Sims 4 Paranormal career will fill up the progress bar and help to rid the home of its ghostly inhabitants, but watch out for mischievous specters who will try to interrupt your seances and scare you so badly that you won’t be able to remove cursed objects! Depending on the gig difficulty level, exorcising the lot can be a very challenging task!

Dealing With Specters

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There are a number of ways to appease the specters in a haunted home and doing so will help fill the progress bar on a Sims 4 Paranormal career gig. Depending on the type of specter, they may or may not go quietly.

  • Friendly Specter: These green specters are usually pretty amicable and will happily accept presents or even just go away when asked. It is possible that your attempts to get rid of them will just irritate them, instead, but most of the time, they are receptive to your Sims’ interactions with them.
  • Mysterious Specter: These blue specters have a sad aura about them and are more difficult to read. Are they friendly or not? No one really knows. Interacting with these specters have mixed results, so proceed with caution when dealing with them.
  • Mischievous Specter: These red specters can sometimes be more playful than mean, but overall, they are the kind of specters you want to avoid. They are unpredictable and interactions with them fail more often than the other two types of specters. When they get really mad, they can even set things on fire! They are volatile creatures, so beware!

Your Sims have a number of options available to them when interacting with the specters at a Sims 4 Paranormal career gig.

  • Watch Specter: This will give your Sim some info on the specter, its disposition, and its intentions.
  • Talk To Specter: Your Sim will attempt to strike up a conversation with the specter, which the specter may or may not accept.
  • Ask to Leave: Your Sim can simply ask the specter nicely to go away. Friendly Specters are more likely to be receptive to this than Mysterious or Mischievous Specters.
  • Present Offering: Specters only like homemade things your Sim has crafted themselves. If you don’t have anything your Sim has made, this option will be greyed out. We noticed quite a bit of cross pack compatibility with this option; food, drinks, wood carvings, knittables, and small robots could all be offered, so try a variety of different things!
  • Offer Soul: If you’re really desperate, your Sim can offer up a piece of their soul to the specter, but beware! Every time you give away a piece of your soul, your age bar fills up by a sizable amount, shortening your overall lifespan! To counteract this effect, your Sims can absorb Soul Scraps which Specters can sometimes leave behind. This will reduce the age bar.

Dealing With Temperance

Sims 4 Paranormal Career

Temperance is a mean ghost who has a shaky romantic history with Guidry. She makes it a habit of showing up on Adept and Expert Sims 4 Paranormal career gigs and when she does, she means business. Just the sight of Temperance is enough to send your Sim into a Terrified state where they’ll be too panicked to get near specters or cursed objects.

As if that wasn’t enough, she will also spawn dozens of cursed dolls around the lot, increasing the spiritual volatility of the home while your Sim is too incapacitated by fear to stop her. She can also interrupt your seances and just generally terrorize your Sim and the other Sims in the house. Temperance can make the Sims 4 Paranormal career a nightmare.

Once your Sim becomes Terrified by Temperance, completing your Sims 4 Paranormal career gig becomes almost impossible. It’s very difficult to get out of the Terrified emotional state once Temperance has managed to scare your Sim that badly. While they’re Terrified, they cannot remove cursed objects, perform seances, or deal with specters, effectively incapacitating them for the remainder of the gig.

However, Temperance has two main weaknesses you can exploit to keep her off your back when she shows up.

  • Bizarre Idols: The first time you meet Temperance, you can tell Guidry someone terrible just appeared. He’ll give you a Bizarre Idol you can use to stop Temperance. For some reason, Temperance hates these things and they hate her, too. When you place a Bizarre Idol down in the same room as Temperance, it will start flaming and Temperance will cower in fear. This will stop her from getting up to her usual chaotic antics, allowing you to do your job. Bizarre Idols are a pretty rare find, so hang onto that first one Guidry gives you.
  • Bonehilda: If you can manage to summon Bonehilda quickly enough at a Séance Circle, she’ll become your bodyguard. Bonehilda is the only person who can fight Temperance with her fists. Bonehilda can keep Temperance occupied for you while you go about your work of exorcising the lot.

Our Tips for Challenging Gigs

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You won’t have too much trouble at all with the Beginner level gigs for the Sims 4 Paranormal career. You just need to show up, mop up a few slime puddles, destroy a few cursed objects, and maybe perform a ceremony or two and you’re pretty much guaranteed to complete the gig on time.

However, Adept and Expert level gigs for the Sims 4 Paranormal career are a whole different matter. It’s going to be more challenging to finish an Adept level gig without doing any prep work. Completing an Expert gig without any preparation is going to be nearly impossible. Don’t go in blind or empty-handed!

Here are our tips and tricks for making it through every Sims 4 Paranormal career gig successfully, no matter the difficulty level:

  • Have maxed out Medium Skill: Your Sims can’t create a Séance Circle until they’ve mastered this skill. Most of the Sims you visit on gigs won’t have a Séance Table around for you to use, so being able to put down a Séance Circle anywhere you need one is an invaluable skill to have.
  • Purchase the Brave Reward Trait: The Brave trait is extremely expensive, at 8,000 Satisfaction Points, but well worth the investment for a professional Paranormal Investigator. To get this trait faster, have your Paranormal Investigator live in a haunted house and use the Helping Hand object found in Build/Buy to set the lot to Heroic Mode. This will make the lot extra haunted but also reward your Sim with more Satisfaction Points for each night they spend there.
  • Stock Up on Sacred Candles: Sacred Candles can be purchased in the Rewards Store for a much more affordable 500 Satisfaction Points. Each purchase gives you three Sacred Candles. You can also craft a batch of three Sacred Candles using Wraith Wax, which Specters will sometimes drop. As soon as you arrive at a gig, place a Sacred Candle in every room of the home. These will help protect your Sim from malevolent specters and make them feel safer.
  • Bring Bizarre Idols: As mentioned previously, Temperance hates Bizarre Idols and they hate her. They’re hard to come by, but you should have at least one Bizarre Idol you got from Guidry after meeting Temperance for the first time. Keep this one handy for when Temperance shows up. When she does, place it down near her and let it do its work while you do yours.
  • Summon Bonehilda: Bonehilda can be summoned anywhere if your Sim has mastered the Medium skill and unlocked the ability to put down Séance Circles. She can be your ghost busting sidekick when summoned at gigs! Bonehilda can fight Temperance for you while you’re busy getting rid of cursed objects and dealing with specters. To ensure you won’t be too scared to summon her later, summon Bonehilda as soon as you arrive at a gig. That way, she’ll be ready and waiting to serve Temperance a knuckle sandwich when she shows up. This is especially crucial if you don’t have any Bizarre Idols to ward off Temperance.

Completing Your Gig

Sims 4 Paranormal Career

Congratulations! You not only survived your first night in the Sims 4 Paranormal career, but you were successful in exorcising the lot as well. What do you get for your troubles? Well, Paranormal Investigators get paid quite well in simoleons, but they can also receive various other perks as well for successfully completing gigs.

The monetary payouts for each gig are as follows:

  • Beginner: §750
  • Adept: §1,500
  • Expert: §3,000

While making §3,000 a night already seems like a pretty sweet reward in and of itself, your Sims can also be rewarded with various Sims 4 Paranormal career trinkets and oddities after completing gigs. The type of reward appears to be random, but some of the items Bella Goth received from completing gigs when I was playing through the career included Soul Pieces, a Hello Dahlia doll, Spirit Buddy Jars, and Display Only Clay Hands.

Even though some of the reward objects you can get from Sims 4 Paranormal career gigs look similar to the cursed objects you’ll find at haunted houses, the reward versions are not cursed. In fact, some of them even have positive effects on your Sims. For example, Sims can talk to their Hello Dahlia dolls to comfort themselves when they’re scared, and drinking Specter Sip drinks grants your Sims some skills.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash or you just need to get rid of duplicate rewards, you can sell your paranormal trinkets to an oddity collector by clicking on them. If the Get Famous expansion pack is installed, selling to oddity collectors also rewards your Sims with fame. If you own both Paranormal Stuff and Get Famous, your Sims can become famous Paranormal Investigators!

Can’t get enough Paranormal Stuff? Check out our Guide to Bonehilda!

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