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The Sims 4 Fixer Upper: Rescue the Ranch

sims 4 rescue the ranch

Can you give our ranch a new lease of life?

Much like how many farming simulator stories start, we need your help with our latest The Sims 4 Fixer Upper!

Needless to say, our ranch has seen better days. Having been left alone for a number of years. The ranch itself is totally overgrown with greenery. The barn is full of junk that doesn’t belong in there making it unfit for purpose and as for the outhouse, well that needs a new purpose. The graffiti and rubbish laying around the yard also needs to be removed.

Does anyone know who to contact about removing a giant Oasis Springs Dinosaur that’s gotten a little lost from a pond? We’re asking for a friend of course!

However, it’s time to bring a new lease of life into our ranch and get it ready to become a family home for your Sims, horses and various other small animals.

Sims 4 Fixer Upper
Can you Rescue the Ranch?

The Sims 4 Fixer Upper Challenge

The aim of this Sims 4 Fixer Upper challenge is to have fun. Even though we are not putting a total value on the finished build, we want players to push the boundaries when renovating this ranch.

While the overall task for this The Sims 4 Fixer Upper is straightforward, there is still a handful of rules that need to be followed.

Challenge Guidelines

  • Renovate the Ranch!
  • Must be placed on any available 40×30 Lot you have free in your game.
  • There is no monetary target for this Sims 4 Fixer-Upper. Let your creativity run wild!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can use any packs that you currently own.
  • T.O.O.L & DEBUG allowed as well as custom content.
  • While this is a Ranch build, the lot has been placed on a Generic Lot Type.
  • You can not change the placement of the original internal or external walls. You may add extra walls/fences where needed.
  • You can change the fence style but not the placement.
  • The placement of the Windows and Doors as well as the style can be changed.
  • You may change the shape and style of the roofs used on the lot.

Take a closer look at the Ranch!

Want to see more of the ranch that needs a lick of fresh paint? Check out the gallery below!

Lot Information

  • Lot Size: 40×30
  • Lot Value: §46,995
  • Lot Type: Generic
  • Packs Used: Base Game + DEBUG items from Base Game

Note: As there is no monetary aspect to this challenge, please use either the Motherlode or Freerealestate cheat to place this lot.

  • Username: LeeksEverywhere
  • Build Name: Rescue the Ranch

Rescue the Ranch Showcase

Unlike previous The Sims 4 Fixer Upper challenges that we have run, we will not be holding a showcase for this challenge. Instead, we encourage those who have taken part to share their renovations on social media and The Gallery.

We can’t wait to see how you fix our build! Be sure to tag us on social media and use the #SCRanch tag, so we can see any videos or screenshots you share!

Note: This build is not a part of our Sims Community Challenges. To find out more about our original Sims Community Challenges, click here.

Next Steps

Once you’ve finished your build, you can share your Gallery IDs in the comments below or share your screenshots over on our Discord Server.

Looking for more original Sims Community Challenges or Story Starter Kits? Take a look at our website for more!

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