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The Sims 4 Unicorns: A Fantastic First Look!

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Gallop into a pink unicorn fantasy!

sims 4 unicorns

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch has shown off a lot of new gameplay and features, but one thing it hasn’t shown is Sims 4 unicorns. Until today! Players who were worried that they would not be able to have a pet unicorn can rest assured that unicorns do in fact exist in this expansion pack! They were shown off in the latest promotional video from The Sims on their social media, featuring BRELAND, the Compton Cowboys, and Trixie Mattel.

Let’s dissect all the new footage of Sims 4 unicorns!

The Sims 4 Unicorns: Brand New Screens!

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Here’s our first look at unicorns in CAS! Now, it’s important to note here that it’s entirely possible that unicorns are just regular horses with a horn added to them in CAS. We don’t know if they come with any special abilities or unique gameplay. We didn’t see any in this preview but nonetheless, we do see a unicorn in CAS, designed by Trixie Mattel. The unicorn is lovingly named Trixie Mattelicorn and we can see that we have customizable breeds because this unicorn’s breed is labeled as “Palominokayyyyy.”

We can also see that this unicorn has a rainbow coloured horn as well as custom eyeliner (very Trixie Mattel) painted onto them, as well as sparkle stamps all over their body.

What this means is that horses in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch will likely be paintable in the same way that cats and dogs are. We highly doubt this is a customization feature intended for unicorns only. We’ve seen regular horses in other promotional material with similar coat customizations.

sims 4 unicorns preview9

We get a glimpse of Trixie Mattel’s simself leaping majestically over a horse jump with her Trixie Mattelicorn later in the video. We’re big fans of the pink bridle and saddle here. We can’t get a super clear look in this shot but we also spot what might be a bow at the base of this unicorn’s tail. If that is indeed what it is, it is super cute!

sims 4 unicorns preview14

No unicorns in this shot but check out this pretty cool screen of one of the Compton Cowboys doing some barrel racing on a very majestic-looking steed! We can also catch a very small glimpse of horseshoes on this horse’s hooves and some more traditional leather-coloured riding tack for the horse. We’re loving the variety of styles in both the horses and the riding tack here.

sims 4 unicorns preview10

No horse or Sims 4 unicorns in this shot but it is a good look at some of the new line dancing moves coming with this expansion. We also see a lot of the new Horse Ranch CAS assets being worn by Trixie Mattel, BRELAND, and the Compton Cowboys in their Sim forms here.

Diversity in Music and Games

sims 4 unicorns preview6

The video wasn’t just about Sims 4 unicorns, though. Embracing diversity in both video games and country music was also a central theme. All of these artists talk about how important it is to follow your passions and live up to your own expectations for yourself rather than the expectations that society places on you based on your identity. This is definitely something that many Simmers can relate to and find inspiration in!

The above screens of BRELAND making himself in CAS not only shows off The Sims 4’s ability for players to see themselves in-game but also gives Simmers another sneak peek into The Sims 4 Horse Ranch’s CAS catalogue. See any pieces you like?

We’ll keep you up to date on any more Sims 4 unicorns news if and when it’s made available so keep an eye on our Sims 4 Horse Ranch category! Suly-Suly!

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