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The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board Overview

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board

The One-Stop Community Hub!

Do you want to get to know the Sims of Chestnut Ridge or keep up to date with the latest happenings in town? Maybe you’ve got some time on your hands and want to help out a neighbour? Whatever the reason, why not check out the new Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board and Jobs?

We will take you through everything you need to know about these two features in the expansion. First up, let’s take a look at the Community Board!

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board Overview

This is a feature we’ve seen featured within various packs in different ways over The Sims 4’s lifetime. Each iteration in a slightly different way and The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Boards are no exception.

Where Can I Find the Community Boards?

You can find the Community Boards dotted around Chestnut Ridge. In fact, there are three in total your Sims can use.

  • New Appaloosa – Located just outside of the Hay Now! Equestrian Centre and Duke’s Hall Lots
Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Boards

  • Rider’s Glen – Located near the Sweet Nectar Glade Lot
Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board
  • Galloping Gulch – Located at the bottom of the hill near the Canyon Crossing lot
Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board

Community Board Features

Now, the community board comes with a range of different features. At first glance, it can seem a little overwhelming but in actual fact, the Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Boards are incredibly easy to navigate.

Overall, there are eight different features that you can choose from when your Sim interacts with any of the three community boards in the game.

Here’s a closer look at what you can find on the Community Boards!

Call Ranch Animal Exchange

By calling the Ranch Animal Exchange, your Sims will be able to Purchase a Horse for $1000, Rescue a Horse for $250 or purchase a Mini Sheep or Mini Goat in numerous colours and quantities.

Ranch Animal Info

Here you will find quick helpful pop-ups relating to the Equestrian Centre, Horse Care and Mini Animal Care.

Community Jobs

Looking for some quick and easy Simoleons? Then why not take a look at Community Jobs?

Choose from a range of different jobs from Training a Neighbour’s Horse to Sheep Grazing and more to earn some extra money. On average. community jobs will take your Sims four hours to complete and the overall payout will depend on your Sims skill level.

Upon selecting the community job, your Sim will go ahead and complete it. You will not be able to interact with your Sim during this time and once complete, you’ll find all the details of how they got on in the notifications panel.

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board

Enter Competition

Much like how you enter a competition at the Hay Now! Equestrian Centre, entering via the Community Board is just another way to do so.

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board

Hire Ranch Hand

Looking after and running a ranch is hard work. However, you don’t have to do it on your own. Why not hire a Ranch Hand to help you with the day-to-day running of your ranch? Simply select the option from the Community Board menu and you’ll be set!

Horse Training

Similar to using the Community Board to enter competitions, this is another quick and easy way to access the trainer options for your Horses.

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board

Learn About Residents

Get to know the residents of Chestnut Ridge or more specifically the most knowledgeable when it comes to living on the Ranch and making Nectar.

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board

Plan a Ranch Event

Finally, why not hold a Ranch Event?

Choose from either Ranch Gathering or Ranch Animal Day and get ready to hold the hottest event Chestnut Ridge has seen!

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board

Simply select the Plan Ranch Event button at the bottom of the pop-up and you’ll be taken to your Household Calendar where you can plan either of the two events as normal from there!

Can the Community Board do anything else?

Ultimately, other than finding them located throughout Chestnut Ridge, you can also find them in the Build Buy Catolouge! This is perfect for if you are building your own ranch-inspired lots around the world and a nice touch to add in.

It’s Time to Explore Chestnut Ridge!

Now that you’ve had time to check out the Sims 4 Horse Ranch Community Board, it’s time to get out there and fully experience living in the beautiful world of Chestnut Ridge and get to know the community!

Whether you want to become an Expert Nectar Maker, a Championship Rider or just enjoying time with your family, Chestnut Ridge has plenty to offer for all kinds of Sims.

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