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The Sims 4 Custom Content: Art Studio My Rustic Lodge Overview

Sims 4 My Rustic Lodge CC Pack

Build a Picture-Perfect Rustic Art Studio!

Grab your creative and artistic Sims as we have a look at a new Sims 4 Artist CC pack!

Sims 4 Artist CC: My Rustic Lodge

SixamCC is back with another brand new and exciting collection for The Sims 4. Entitled Art Studio My Rustic Lodge, this up-and-coming collection is perfect for our Sims who like to channel their inner Bob Ross!

Now, you might know SixamCC from their other custom content collections including The Living Room for a Cozy Family which was a collaboration with OshinSims. Additionally, the Furniture Showroom collection that featured some nostalgic throwbacks to earlier The Sims games.

The Sims 4 Artist CC collection comes with everything from the essentials for an art studio. From new seating options, a vast array of decorative items, two new fireplaces, a wooden easel and more!

So why not embrace a world full of creativity while creating the perfect studio lodge space to create your favourite masterpieces?

Sims 4 Artist CC
Art Studio My Rustic Lodge by SixamCC

Now, when you have a look at the twenty-one new objects SixamCC has created for this Sims 4 Artist CC collection, it makes you wonder what kind of spaces can I create for my Sims? Well, fear not as we are going to take you through everything that comes in this collection as well as some ideas for your own art studios and our review of the Art Studio My Rustic Lodge collection.

Sims 4 Artist CC

Let’s have a closer look at what comes in this The Sims 4 Artist CC collection.

What is included with this custom content collection?

With twenty-one new items added to this collection, there is something for every artistic and creative Sim!

  • Comfort: Metal Chair, Stool & Living Chair
  • Decorative: Painting Set, Oil Paint Set, Brief Case with Art supplies, Wooden Palette, Sketchbook, Apple plate, Palette Knifes, Coloured Pencils, Drawing Board & Fireplaces (2 different sizes)
  • Lightning: one decorative lamp for the Drawing Board & Table Lamp
  • Skill-Based Objects: Wooden Easel
  • Storage: Bookcase
  • Surfaces: Desk & End table

This Sims 4 Artist CC Collection is Base Game compatible.

The Sims 4 Art Studio My Rustic Lodge Gallery

How do I download this Sims 4 Artist CC?

The Art Studio My Rustic Lodge Collection from SixamCC is available via Early Access on Patreon for supporters right now. However, this Sims 4 Artist CC collection will be publicly released on 10th August 2023.

You can also find a range of SixamCC’s creations on Curseforge right now. If you are using CurseForge for your Mods and Custom Content, simply search for SixamCC in the search bar and you’ll be able to download and install those that are currently available. Once the Art Studio My Rustic Lodge collection is publicly available, be sure to check back on Curseforge to download it too!

Art Studio Build Ideas

There are a lot of different ways you can create your prefect Art Studio for your Sims. With The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion pack, there will be a whole range of new objects players can explore to create the perfect space.

We’ve come up with a handful of ideas to help get you started!

  • Country Ranch Studio
  • Hidden Art Studio in the Forest
  • Sleek and Modern Studio
  • Mini-Apartment Art Studio
  • Multi-purpose Creative Studio
  • Outdoor Art Studio
  • Tiny Home Art Studio

Our Thoughts

We love this Sims 4 Artist CC Collection from SixamCC. Especially with The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion releasing soon, the two look to go hand in hand together.

As for the Art Lodge My Rustic Studio Collection, Sixam has created a range of excellent objects to help us release our Sims inner artistic dreams. There are plenty of ways that you can use this collection to create the perfect studio. Whether it is more of a calming and relaxing lodge inspired studio or something more sleek and modern, this Sims 4 Artist CC collection is perfect!

SixamCC Art Studio Rustic Lodge CC Pack The Sims 4
Art Studio My Rustic Lodge CC Pack by SixamCC

Another thing that we love about this custom content collection is the colours used within the set. Whether you are going for something a little bit more neutral or looking to mix in pops of colour amongst beautiful and detailed wood tones, this collection is it! It really opens up so many more possibilities when it comes to building.

The Art Studio My Rustic Lodge collection is available now for early access via SixamCC’s Patreon and will be publicly released on the 10th August 2023 for free.

Want to read more about Custom Content from the community? Check out our dedicated section right here on Sims Community.

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