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The Sims 4 SDX: New Drop! (Aug 22nd, 2023)

Sims4 SDX New Drop feature

There’s a new Sims 4 Delivery Express at your door. Here’s what’s new!

The Sims Team has released a new Sims 4 SDX Drop today across PC, Mac, Xbox and Playstation Platforms. If you open up The Sims 4 you’ll see a new notification in the Main Menu prompting you to download the SDX drop and restart the game.

The Sims 4 SDX Drop - Official Screen

The new Sims 4 SDX Drop features a Back to School collection, featuring:

It’s back to school season with today’s Sims Delivery Express! New build buy items including lot signs, backpacks, lunch boxes & bathroom doors are available now to all players! Head in-game & check out these new additions!

We even added functionality to the new objects! Backpacks can now be used as storage that Sims can place in & out of their inventory. And Sims as young as toddlers can grab a range of food and drinks from the new lunch box which can also be placed in your Sim’s inventory!

– The Sims on FB

How to download and install the latest Sims 4 SDX

With Sims 4 SDX (Sims Delivery Express) you are able to download new Create A Sim Content, Build Mode Content and small bug fixes and improvements into your game. All straight through The Sims 4! Simply open up The Sims 4 and your game should automatically check for new content.

If not, go into Game Options > Sims Delivery and Check for new Content. This method of bringing new Sims 4 SDX content into your game works both on PC and Consoles! Note that you will have to restart your game in order to obtain new content. You can select “Yes, Restart Now” for the game to restart automatically for you.

Sims 4 SDX Drop - How to Install

Sims 4 SDX Overview – August 22nd, 2023 Drop

You’ll find most of the new additions from the latest drop waiting for you in Build Mode. That’s right, all The Sims 4 Base Game players will be able to see new swatch upgrades and gameplay changes that have been made with the new release.

New Facilities Door and Swatches

The new facilities door is pretty much the same in mesh design, other than it has a new toilet icon on top of it. Both type of doors feature new swatch presets that you can go through in Build Mode.

Facilities Door and Swatches

Circular and Square Facility Signs

Two new decor signs have been added to The Sims 4 Build Mode. The Circle and Square Facilities Sign feature 17 unique icon designs on two different colors: black and blue.

You can check out what the new signs look like below. In the swatch selector you’ll be able to immediately see the icon previews.

The Sims 4 SDX Drop - Facilities Sign

Wondering about the Wall Sign designs? We’ve placed down all 17 of them in the game for you to look over:

Wall Sign Designs in The Sims 4 SDX Update

Basegame Backpacks

Sims 4 Don't Break your Back-Pack

The Don’t Break Your Back-pack is a new Base Game backpack that you can now search for in Build Mode. The backpack was already in the game since High School Years Update, however this one totals the amount of swatches to 15. Letting you accessorize your Sims to the finest detail. Check out the swatches!

The Sims 4 SDX Drop - Backpack Swatches

The new backpack also comes with gameplay functionality. You’ll be able to carry the backpack yourself by putting it in your inventory, or use it as your transportational storage. It’s your choice!

The Sims 4 Backpack Functionality


The Sims 4 SDX Drop - Always Has A Snack-Bag Lunchbox Item

Lunch boxes, also named as a “Snack-Bag” if you’re trying to search for them in Build Mode, are a great addition to go along with your new backpacks. They come in the updated list of 15 different color variants:

Sims 4 Lunchbox Swatches

Lunchboxes let you quickly replenish your Sim’s thirst or hunger, letting you choose between a select catalogue of Quick Meals and Drinks. You can also put the lunchbox in your inventory and carry it in case of need!

The Sims 4 SDX Drop - Lunchbox Interactions

That’s all that we’ve found in the latest SDX Drop for The Sims 4!

What are your thoughts on the new content? Join the discussion below and stay tuned for more updates in the future. Right here on Sims Community!

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