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The Sims 4 Modern Luxe Kit: A Luxurious Overview!

sims 4 modern luxe kit review

Luxurious décor at luxury prices!

Sims 4 Modern Luxe

The Sims 4 Modern Luxe Kit is the latest Build/Buy kit to drop for The Sims 4. It boasts modern furnishings with an art deco flair in neutrals and pastels with clean lines. The kit comes with a total of 28 Build/Buy pieces and 1 styled room in 3 colour themes and contains several pieces that are rather unique either in style, function, or both. The majority of the items in this kit have between 7 and 10 swatches.

We’ve got the full breakdown of everything The Sims 4 Modern Luxe kit has to offer including both catalogue previews and in-game previews of all swatches!

The Sims 4 Modern Luxe Overview & Review

You can check out all the catalogue entries and in-game previews of every item in The Sims 4 Modern Luxe kit below, including previews of all swatches!

Catalogue Overview

There are a total of 28 items in the catalogue, plus one styled room. You can check out the prices, descriptions, and stats of everything included in the kit below.

Styled Rooms

In-Game Previews

Below you can view each object up-close in the game. Most of the items come in between 7 and 10 different swatches, ranging from neutrals to pastels. You can also see what the styled room looks like in each colour scheme.

medal ribbon

Modern Luxe Kit Review

In the past, we haven’t been too impressed with The Sims Team’s attempts at modern Build/Buy kits. There’s modern… and then there’s beige and boring. Past kits that boasted contemporary design fell into the beige and boring category. We’ve also criticized the lack of unique objects in some Build/Buy kits of the past. After all, if you’re spending $5 USD (or more in some countries) on a handful of objects, at least some of those objects should bring something new to the game’s catalogue that we didn’t have before.

The Sims 4 Modern Luxe Kit really hit it home for us when it comes to visually interesting pieces and items that can be used in a new way. We love the colour palette of this kit. Although there’s a fair amount of neutrals, it balances out nicely with different pastel colours and a really beautiful rich navy that’s not common in most contemporary colour palettes. Both the style and colour palette of every object matches seamlessly so players can really get an exact match when furnishing a whole room with this kit. You can also mix and match easily because all the colours pair nicely with each other.

We love the short and medium height curtains that fan out at the bottom. They’re also customizable to fit different window widths thanks to a separate curtain rod piece you can slot between the curtains. We were surprised that the vanity table from Vintage Glamour Stuff made a return in this kit but we appreciate it nonetheless. This style of vanity table is much more sleek than the two styles that came with Vintage Glamour Stuff.

Sims 4 Modern Luxe

The accent pillow has to be one of our favourite objects in this kit due to its versatility. With a few build cheats, you could place them just about anywhere in a home where you want an accent table, from beds to couches and more.

A lot of the artwork and decorative pieces would work really well in a retail venue, such as a salon or clothing store. The bust statues, leaning wall mirror, and perfume and shoes artwork in particular would make any fashion-centric retail store come to life. Other notable objects we really took a liking to include the record player, makeup bag clutter, and circular rug with some lovely and unique designs. We’re also very happy to see some floor/ceiling tiles and wall coverings for this kit.

If we have any criticisms of The Sims 4 Modern Luxe, it would be that we would have loved to see a few extra swatches with some subtle patterns instead of all solid colours. It’s also bit disappointing that this kit doesn’t include curtains and ceiling lights for tall wall heights. However, overall, we think this is a really versatile and visually pleasing kit to add to your Build/Buy collection!

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