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The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Custom Content for Animals!

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When it comes to Custom Content, we’re not Horsing Around!

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch has been out for around two months now, so we took the time to find some of our favourite pieces of Horse Ranch Custom Content! Now, as always, the ever so talented community have been hard at work creating some excellent pieces of content inspired by the expansion pack. However, we want to have a closer look at some custom content for our equine friends!

Surprisingly, there is a good amount of Horse Ranch custom content out there specifically aimed at horses and even a little something for our smaller mini sheep and goat friends! So without further ado, here are our favourite Horse Ranch Custom Content pieces for animals!

Horse Ranch Custom Content

Custom Content for Horses

From overlays, to eye defaults, to horse riding accessories, there’s a vast mixture of Horse Ranch custom content out there to discover! The talented custom content creators have been hard at work showcasing their skills and creating some excellent pieces of Horse Ranch custom content for players to use in their game!

Buckaroo Ranch Custom Content

Buckaroo Ranch combines a love of Gameplay and Custom Content. Follow the story of John and Dianna Marston, as well as ranch hand Steve Buck, while also discovering their custom content.

From Poses, Tack, Mane and Tail recolours and Decor, Buckaroo Ranch has something for everyone!

Horse Ranch Custom Content

Here are some of our favourite Horse Ranch Custom Content pieces from Buckaroo Ranch:

You can find all of these and more over on the Buckaroo Ranch website!

Horse Ranch Custom Content by Kebbe

Kebbe has a variety of Horse Ranch Custom Content available to download, which focuses on stencils that can be used on Horses in Create A Horse, as well as tail recolours.

Horse Ranch Custom Content

Overo is a collection of eight stencils that you can use to create even more unique looking horses in game!

We also loved the following custom content from Kebbe:

You can find all of these and more over on Kebbe’s Tumblr!

Turnout Stuff Set by Objut

Horse Ranch Custom Content

This collection from Objut contains three different swatch styles, each with ten different colours to choose from. The five piece collection adds a fly mask, neck rug, rug that replaces the saddle, boots and tail guard.

Players can download this collection from Objut now.

Dolce V2 Replacements by Wrixie

These replacements by Wrixie for The Sims 4 Horse Ranch are excellent! Not only are they available for Horses, but you can also get versions for both Mini Sheep and Mini Goats!

Horse Ranch Custom Content

Simple Little Heart by RavenSim_

Add a cute and adorable heart to your horse’s look with this simple heart forelock from RavenSim! Available in thirty-six different colours and specifically for adult horses, you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Horse Ranch Custom Content

Amaia Horse Eyelashes by MahoCreations

Want to add a little bit more detail to your horses? Then check out these eyelashes by MahoCreations!


Soulmate Eyes for Horses by Someone-Elsa

Love the Soulmate Eyes by Someone-Elsa? Well now you can download a version for your Horses! Featuring nine different swatches, this default eye replacement is one to not miss out!

Soulmate Eyes for Horses by Someone Elsa JPG

Longer Manes & Forelock by Colorfui_Sims

Looking for an option to have a longer mane or forelock? Well, Colorfui_Sims has you covered! With several different versions to choose from, you’ll be able to make the most stylish horse in Chestnut Ridge!

Horse Ranch Custom Content

Be sure to check out all three versions of Colorfui_Sims Longer Manes and Forelocks over on their Patreon

Wild Hearts Poses by JBabblesCC

This beautiful six pose collection from JBabblesCC is perfect for those looking to capture some amazing screenshots with your horses!


Note: This pose collection requires the Wonderful Whims mod to work.

Reining Pose Pack by Hawthorne Stables

Following on from the previous pose collection, here is another from Hawthorne Stables! Featuring twelve poses, six for horses and six for the rider, this wonderful collection will give more opportunities to capture those action shots!


More Elegant Unicorn Horn by Stamsim

Looking for a more exquisite and elegant looking unicorn horn for your horses? Fear not, as Stamsim has you covered!


Polo Wrap Redux by Spacecase Simmies

Looking for more colours for your horse’s wraps? Spacecase Simmies has you sorted with wraps that come in fifteen different colours to choose from!

Rivervalley Default Eye Replacements by Bluubun

Take a look at these beautiful default eye replacements by Bluubun! Available in nine different variants.


But wait, there’s one more!

Now we can’t forget about our smaller animal friends, can we? Take a look at this brilliant texture override for both Mini Sheep and Goats by Meoanii!

Mini Sheep & Goat Texture Overrides by Meoanii

Have you been searching for a Mini Sheep texture override? Well, we’ve got just the one from Meoanii!


However, if you are looking for a texture override for Mini Goats, Meoanii also has you covered too!

There is so much Horse Ranch inspired custom content out there that this is purely a snapshot of some of our many favourites! With plenty to explore when it comes to Build Buy Mode, Create A Sim, Households, Builds and more, there’s Horse Ranch Custom Content for everyone!

Don’t forget to check out all the creations from these talented creators that we’ve mentioned in this post, too!

Why not let us know what some of your favourite pieces of Custom Content from Horse Ranch are?

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