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Sentate 2023: Your Fashion Obsessed Sims Need This CC Set!

Sentate Collection

From the crowded dancefloors of neon-lit clubs to the glamourous ballrooms bathed in shimmering chandeliers, 1988 was a year where fashion made bold statements, and the night came alive with dazzling ensembles. Transport your sims to this golden era with the Sentate Haute Couture 2023 Collection, a blend of vintage inspiration and modern flair.

Retro Glam Meets Modern Sophistication

Every stitch, every sequin, and every swath of fabric in this collection harks back to the bold designs and patterns of the 1988 fashion scene. Whether it’s the pronounced shoulders reminiscent of the power suits of the era or the luxurious textures that echo the extravagance of high-end fashion houses, the 23 items in this collection make sure your sims are not just dressed, but dressed to impress.

Curious to see these designs in motion? Dive into the sizzling collection reveal here:

Fashion Inspiration

Inspired by the legendary works of Yves Saint Laurent and the vibrant pulse of 80s fashion, this collection is more than just clothes—it’s an experience. With a contemporary spin on these classic designs, sims can now relish in outfits that seamlessly blend the old and the new. From plush furs that add a touch of opulence to shimmering sequins that light up any room, every item is a masterpiece in its own right.

Sentate Collection

With a curated assortment of 23 items and a generous offering of 30 swatches from Sentate’s standard color palette, customizing your sims’ looks has never been this fun. Mix and match, experiment with patterns, or keep it monochrome—the choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

Sims 4 Accessories

Each piece in this collection speaks volumes about the attention to detail and the fashion-forward vision that has gone into its creation. The Sentate Haute Couture 2023 Collection is a rich tapestry of sleek silhouettes, dazzling sequin ensembles, and the undeniable charm of the details added.


Download drama in the form of fashion with Sentate Haute Couture 2023 Collection!
It’s available for FREE on Sentate’s Patreon page.

In Fashion, There Are No Rules

Fashion is not just about wearing clothes; it’s about making a statement. And with the Sentate Haute Couture 2023 Collection, your sims are set to make statements that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. So, let your sims step into this world of unapologetic glamour and shine like the stars they are!

But true fashion comes with making these looks your own! With the 23 astonishing pieces of custom content, we’re sure you’ll be able to curate an outfit that turns every Townie’s head. As Alexander McQueen once said: “In Fashion, there are no rules…”, and this collection is no different!

So Simmers, start mixing and matching! Oh, and don’t forget to share your newly created outfits in the comments below!

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