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A Culinary Upgrade: Best Food and Kitchen Mods for Sims 4

Sims 4 Food Mods

When playing Sims 4, many players often wonder about the variety of food items available for their Sims. Sure, the game already offers a decent selection of dishes, but what if you crave something more? Something that gives a unique flavor to your Sims’ dining experiences?

This article will dive deep into the world of Sims 4 Kitchen & Food Mods, showcasing some of the best ones you can install to spice up your Sims culinary journey.

Discovering the Best Sims 4 Food & Kitchen Mods

In The Sims 4, every meal can be an event, a memory, or a simple comfort. However, with the vast universe and limitless potential of the game, there’s always room for more culinary delights. Food & Kitchen mods serve as the answer for those seeking to introduce a dash of novelty to their Sims’ plates. Ready to embark on a gourmet journey? Let’s explore the finest food and kitchen mods that promise to make every mealtime a grand affair.



Treat your Sims to a diverse array of mealtime choices with this comprehensive mod, which introduces expanded serving options accessible through both the cooking and gourmet cooking menus of stoves and fridges. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner for two, catering to a small or large family, or even throwing a modest party, this mod ensures you have the right serving size to match the occasion. It integrates previously unconnected recipes, such as the BLT, Faux BLT, and Quinoa Salad, into the mix.

For fans of experimental food, added serving options elevate the culinary experience, albeit with the prerequisite of another mod. Additionally, optional add-ons enhance the gameplay further: “Ingredients Required” makes cooking more realistic by showing only feasible recipes based on available ingredients, and “Cake is Baking” (requiring Get to Work) moves numerous dessert recipes to the baking menu. The “Better MealTime Menus” modification, meanwhile, revamps the stoves’ mealtime pie menu, providing Sims with a richer selection for every meal.



Elevate your Sims’ kitchen experience with this freshly updated Appliance Placement Mod. Having rebuilt almost all files from scratch, this mod now permits small appliances to be placed on virtually any surface while maintaining their functionality. From microwaves and coffee makers to unique items like the ice-cream maker from the Cool Kitchen pack or the hot pot from Snowy Escape, your Sims can now enjoy more versatile placements, even directly on the floor.

However, be wary when placing items on wall shelves as it may lead to routing errors. As an added bonus, this update ensures compatibility with other tuning-affecting mods and optimizes for smoother gameplay. Do note that while adults can interact without hitches, children may face some challenges with appliances like the ice-cream maker, demanding a specific kitchen counter with a footstool slot. Special credit goes to Madhox for the original mod inspiration.



Seeking a heightened sense of realism in your Sim’s culinary journey? GrayCurse’s Cooking & Ingredients Overhaul mod is your answer. This mod challenges players by introducing a variety of new ingredients such as eggs, milk, flour, cheese, and meats, among others. Now, shopping becomes an integral aspect of the game; acquire ingredients through the “Buy Ingredients” feature in the fridge. The overhaul ensures every recipe is authentically rooted with real-world ingredients, amping up the cooking challenge.

Not just that, the mod enhances the grocery shopping experience with a meticulously curated purchase dialog containing diverse food group types. Note that this mod necessitates specific installations, and users must ensure they possess the latest version for optimal gameplay. Though compatible with Custom Food Interactions and new recipes, it might clash with mods that modify existing recipes.



Introducing the “Functional Tea Pot”, a delightful small appliance designed for true tea aficionados. With an essence inspired by Korean teas (though many may resonate with other Asian cultures), this tea pot provides users with the ability to craft 5 distinct tea varieties. Found within the buy mode under “Appliances -> Small appliances”, and boasting 8 vibrant recolors, this tea pot is priced at a modest $170. Simply interact with the pot to “Make Special Tea”, opening a menu to choose from the 5 teas.

Whether you have the ingredients on hand or prefer a direct purchase, the process is seamless. Place the teapot wherever suits – table, counter, or even the ground. Each brewed tea bestows a unique moodlet, enhancing your Sim’s experience. Dive into the world of Barley Tea, Omija Tea, Green Plum Tea, Citron Tea, and Chrysanthemum Tea.



Embark on a delightful culinary adventure for your youngest Sims with the “Baby Food Steamer” mod. A must-have for every virtual parent, this mod brings in a nifty small appliance designed to craft a variety of nutritious meals for babies. Located conveniently under the “Appliances -> Small appliances” in buy mode, and strategically priced at $300, the steamer is designed to grace your kitchen counters.

Engaging with the steamer reveals an array of 19 distinct baby food options, ensuring your toddler Sims never run out of flavorful choices. Whether you’re using fresh ingredients—thanks to a harmonious integration with harvestables from EA and icemunmun—or paying a modest $8 flat price per meal, crafting these meals is hassle-free, requiring no cooking skills.

A crucial note for simmers: while the steamer acts as a preparation hub, your Sim doesn’t interact with it directly. Instead, after selecting the desired baby food, they magically present the meal and place it on a high chair, ensuring the meal reaches its intended tiny diner. However, ensure a Toddler High Chair is placed on your lot for seamless interactions.



Step aside, traditional pizza delivery. LittleMsSam introduces the revamped “Food Delivery Service” mod, expanding culinary horizons right at your Sim’s doorstep. Inspired by, but not an update to, simmythesim’s older mod, this version permits ordering from single to party-sized meals. For users of the “More Servings Options” mod, there’s seamless integration, although delivered plates may seem empty initially; fear not, they regain their visual appeal once placed on a table or reset.

The service is tirelessly available 24/7. Pricing reflects the food’s retail value plus a $2 tip, while some grill items come at a base price of $50 plus tip. An intriguing add-on offers dynamic pricing based on household funds, ensuring that wealthier Sims splurge a bit more on their indulgences. With the delivery NPC ensuring prompt service without loitering, this mod transforms your Sim’s dining experience, merging convenience with gourmet variety.



Ah, the struggle of Sims washing dishes where they shouldn’t. Enter the “Don’t Wash Dishes Where You Angry Poop” mod, masterminded by Scumbumbo and updated to perfection by LeRoiDeTout. This mod offers a precise, player-driven solution: designate specific sinks for dishwashing. Post-installation, the default setting ensures no sink allows dishwashing.

But with a simple click, users can enable or disable this feature on individual sinks. Why? Perhaps you’ve placed a kitchen sink in a bathroom or the other way around. Instead of leaving it to game defaults, you get to decide which sinks are dish-friendly. If no sinks are activated for washing, Sims default to disposing of dishes in the trash. One essential note for SCAM users: autonomy needs activation for dishwashing interactions. Removal of the mod? Sinks return to their usual functions. The mod even boasts a customizable settings menu, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for every player’s preference.



Bake till you burst! Introducing the “A-Dough-Able Cupcake Maker”, crafted by Ravasheen. This mod replicates all the functionalities of the traditional cupcake machine but within a one-tile space. Efficient and convenient, it’s a must-have for every Sim baker.

The best part is that this mod is suitable for the base game. Like Ravasheen’s other culinary mods, the interaction commences from a frosting piping bag. Compatible with both EA and custom content appliances, it enables Sims to carry out the complete baking process seamlessly. With skill requirements mirroring the original cupcake factory, prepare to indulge in 27 baking and 8 cupcake recipes. The mod mandates the “Get To Work” expansion, ensuring a delectable baking spree!



Say goodbye to recurring repair bills with Nickyclem1’s Appliance Insurance! This mod ensures that when your appliances break down, you’re not left scrambling to pay hefty repair fees every single time. Among the devices covered are Cookers, Ovens, Hobs, Coffee and Tea Machines, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Dryers, and Fridges.

Securing your appliances is easy. Use your phone’s pie menu to connect with the customer service between Monday to Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm. Once you purchase a policy, automatic deductions are made from your household funds, whether daily, weekly, or seasonally. If a payment is missed, you’ll be notified and can easily revert to automatic payments post-settlement. All members of the household above the age of young adults receive the appliance cover trait upon policy purchase.

Need a repair? Priority appliances, like Cookers, Ovens, and Hobs, are attended to within 5 hours. For non-priority appliances, repairs are scheduled for the next working day. Emergency repairs? It’s accessible from 5 pm – 8 am from Monday to Saturday and 24 hours on Sundays.



This innovative mod enhances your in-game culinary experience by adding new interactions to stoves, grills, and bars. Now, you can request other Sims to prepare a variety of dishes and drinks on your behalf. From asking a Sim to whip up a gourmet dish, bake delightful cupcakes, to grilling the perfect steak, this mod lets you enjoy the luxury of having food prepared for you. Notably, custom cupcakes have been added with unique animations and a shift in skills required for preparation. Additionally, the mod supports experimental food, with a provision for Sims to learn these recipes through cookbooks. For an added layer of realism, NPCs, including butlers, can also be tasked with these culinary requests.

Furthermore, the mod introduces an optional “Fix” for butlers and maids to help tidy up after cooking. This feature ensures that any food cooked by NPCs, which is less than 95% fresh, is put away. This not only enhances gameplay but also ensures that your Sim’s living space remains clean and organized. Whether you’re hosting a grand party or simply want a break from cooking, this mod promises to make your Sims’ culinary adventures more interactive and enjoyable.



Discover a whole new culinary experience with Grannies Cookbook, an independent custom food mod tailored for Sims enthusiasts. The cookbook serves as a tangible book object on your Sim’s lot. As a player, you’ll interact with this book to access a diverse food menu, selecting delectable dishes or drinks for your Sim to prepare. Every recipe, from classic Chicken and Dumpling to refreshing Bubble Tea flavors, promises to tantalize the taste buds of your Sim community.

This mod version, as of 02.01.21, encapsulates an array of dishes, desserts, snacks, and drinks. Some iconic dishes include Lasagne Al Pesto, BBQ Ribs and Beans, and Mud Pie, among others. Moreover, thanks to contributions from various dedicated Simmers, Grannies Cookbook is available in multiple languages, such as Chinese, Portuguese, French, and more. To utilize the cookbook, simply place it on your lot, and the pie menu will guide you through your culinary journey.



With an aim to enhance the gameplay experience, a mod has been introduced that revives the familiar act of grocery shopping in The Sims 4. This initiative has seen the introduction of four authentic objects crafted by simlifecc, allowing Sims to indulge in purchasing fresh produce from stands, selecting the freshest fish from freezers, and handpicking flowers from blooming buckets.

Offering a dual experience, the mod comes in two variations. The first, known as the DIY flavor, integrates elements from the Get to Work expansion, allowing Sims to capitalize on their harvested items by selling them. The second, coined as the ‘traditional’ flavor, provides new grocery shopping interactions, although currently, this doesn’t translate to Sims profiting from their buys.



Ah, the hassle of in-game dining becoming a tedious task. Introducing the “Thee Kitchen Tablet” mod, a brainchild of the Sims modding community, refined on October 15, 2023. This mod revolutionizes a Sim’s culinary journey. With just a tap, Sims can order ingredients via InstaCart, indulge in delectable dishes from Grubhub or even book catering from The Catering Co.

Hungry for Stirring The Pot recipes? The tablet has you covered. But here’s the twist: ensure you don’t have the “Zeros Food Delivery Mod” because they clash! The mod’s dynamic updates, from expanding ingredient lists to integrating new grub hubs, promise fresh flavors and experiences with each iteration. Remember to check the mod’s prerequisites, such as the Crumbl Cookies Mod Pack or Dunkin & Cinnabon Stall, to maximize its features. Ready for a culinary revolution in your Sim’s life? Dive into “Thee Kitchen Tablet” mod and watch your Sim’s dining world transform!



Ah, the desire for wellness within our beloved Sims universe! Enter the “Healthy Drinks” mod, the refreshing solution for players craving a touch of health consciousness in their gameplay. With a simple interaction with the fridge, Sims can now quench their thirst with a range of invigorating juices. Fancy a Carrot Juice? That’ll cost your Sim 12 Simoleons or just four fresh carrots. How about a mysterious Plasma Juice? Perfect for the vampires amongst us, albeit with the steeper price of 25 Simoleons or five Plasma Fruits.

But these beverages aren’t just for indulgence. Drinking up comes with perks! Sims are rewarded with a one-hour happiness boost, a slight advancement in their fitness skill, and the youth even earn a pinch of responsibility. It’s like sipping tea, but with an added bonus against illnesses. And for those purists out there, there’s an optional add-on to ensure a drink only pops up if its ingredients are in the fridge or the Sim’s inventory. Just remember, the “Healthy Drinks” option remains hidden unless a Sim can indeed whip up one of these nourishing concoctions. Dive in, and let your Sims sip their way to vitality!



Ah, the familiar and beloved golden arches, now within the virtual confines of the Sims universe! Introducing the “McDo” set, a delightful nod to the world-renowned McDonald’s. Thanks to the invaluable insights on custom food creation shared by the talented MunMun, Sims aficionados can now treat their characters to the fast-food experience they’ve longed for.

But there’s more to savor beyond the menu. Instead of the mundane plates and glasses, expect your order in distinctive custom packaging that echoes the charm of the real-world fast-food chain. While there aren’t custom thumbnails for these items, the immersive experience they provide more than compensates. And here’s the icing on the burger – every item, be it packaging or appliances, is available in both Simlish and English. So, whether you’re a purist or someone who relishes a touch of realism, this set has got you covered. Rejoice, Simmers, and let your Sims indulge in a virtual McFeast!



Ah, the insatiable quest to diversify our Sims’ culinary repertoire! Here’s a revelation: the “Air Fryer” set. This isn’t just another kitchen gadget but a gateway to crispy delights, including the much-raved-about Pizza Slice, specially tailored for the pizza aficionados. As the seasons turn, this gadget has evolved. Come September 14th, 2022, the air fryer now champions Canadian Poutine and crispy Chicken Wings. And just when you thought it was enough, by January 15th, 2022, gourmet Burgers joined the lineup.

Delving into the specifics, this chic Air Fryer, priced at a modest 400 Simoleons, is tucked away in the Buy catalog under ‘Small Appliances’. With nine aesthetic presets to match any kitchen decor, it promises an engaging culinary experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a solo meal or cooking for a trio, the Air Fryer’s Recipe Picker menu has you covered. Moreover, these air-fried delicacies aren’t restricted to your Sims’ homes; they’ve made their way to restaurants too! But remember, to unlock the full potential of the Air Fryer, keep the ‘Custom Food Interactions’ mod updated.

Culinary Adventures in The Sims 4

These mods not only mirror our real-world gastronomic cravings but also allow players to immerse themselves more deeply into their Sims’ daily lives. From the whimsical idea of designating specific sinks for dishwashing to the innovative inclusion of air fryers and healthy beverages, these modifications underscore the community’s creativity and the game’s adaptability. Players can now watch their Sims indulge in a diversified palette, from sipping on invigorating juices for wellness to relishing crispy, air-fried wonders.

If you’re a fan of Cooking in the Sims 4, don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Sims 4 Recipe Guide! What’s your favorite Sims 4 Food mod? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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