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The Sims 4 SDX: New Drop! (Nov 14th, 2023)

Sims4 SDX New Drop feature

There’s a new Sims 4 Delivery Express at your door. Here’s what’s new!

The Sims Team has released a new Sims 4 SDX Drop today across PC, Mac, Xbox and PlayStation Platforms. If you open up The Sims 4 you’ll see a new notification in the Main Menu prompting you to download the SDX drop and restart the game.

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The new Sims 4 SDX Drop features a new curly hairstyle for both masculine and feminine Sims:

Did someone say new hairdo?! 💇 A new Sims Delivery Express is available tomorrow, 11/14, with a new curly hair perfect for any Sim 😉

Head in-game tomorrow and try it out on your Sim!

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How to download and install the latest Sims 4 SDX

With Sims 4 SDX (Sims Delivery Express) you are able to download new Create A Sim Content, Build Mode Content and small bug fixes and improvements into your game. All straight through The Sims 4! Simply open up The Sims 4 and your game should automatically check for new content.

If not, go into Game Options > Sims Delivery and Check for new Content. This method of bringing new Sims 4 SDX content into your game works both on PC and Consoles! Note that you will have to restart your game in order to obtain new content. You can select “Yes, Restart Now” for the game to restart automatically for you.

Sims 4 SDX Drop - How to Install

Sims 4 SDX Overview – November 14th, 2023 Drop

You’ll find most of the new additions from the latest drop waiting for you in Build Mode. That’s right, all The Sims 4 Base Game players will be able to see new swatch upgrades and gameplay changes that have been made with the new release.


New Curly Hairstyle!

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Today’s Sims 4 SDX drop features a brand new shoulder-length curly hairstyle, one with an ombre colouring and one in solid hair colours. The new hairstyle can be found in CAS under two different catalogue entries (ombre and solid) and is available for masculine and feminine Sims from the child life stage and up.

Here’s a peek at what the new hair looks like on children:

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Ombre Colour Previews

Of course, this hairstyle is available in all of The Sims 4’s current hair colour options as well. Here’s a detailed look at each and every colour variant for this curly shoulder-length ombre hair.

Solid Colour Previews

As for the solid tone variant of this hairstyle, here is what it looks like in every available solid colour:

That’s all that we’ve found in the latest SDX drop for the Sims 4!

What are your thoughts on the new content? Join the discussion below and stay tuned for more updates in the future. Right here on Sims Community!

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