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The potential of Sims 5 Multiplayer: Interview with Lyndsay Pearson

The Sims 5 Multiplayer

A new Podcast with Vice President of Maxis reveals early Sims 5 Multiplayer goals.

The Sims 5, which is codenamed by EA and Maxis as Project Rene is still years from being fully released. However as confirmed last year, the development team wants to be transparent in terms of feature development and Open Beta testing of the next generation Sims game.

As we await for more feature previews, an interview with Maxis’ Vice President reveals early on what’s to come for The Sims 5 Multiplayer.

In a new podcast interview with RadioTimes, Lyndsay Pearson talks about her ambition and goal towards The Sims 5 Multiplayer Features. The podcast reveals some of the co-operative games the team is planning for the game, as well as some of their current inspirational multiplayer games.

The full One More Life podcast can be listened to right here. We’ve prepared a transcript for Project Rene and its talks about Multiplayer down below:

Sims 5 Multiplayer Interview

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Podcast Host Rob Leane: Where does the Project Rene codename come from?

Lyndsay Pearson: The name we chose is reminiscent of words like rebirth and renewal. We really wanted a code name [for The Sims 5]. That sort of reflected the fact that we’re really keeping the heart of The Sims intact, but trying to think of new ways to bring it to players, as well as offer things you haven’t seen before in The Sims.

That’s that’s kind of where the codename came from. How do we how do we really rethink some of the core foundation of what it means to play The Sims?

The Sims 5 Multiplayer: Interview with Lyndsay Pearson
Lyndsay Pearson revealing Project Rene last year

The future of Sims 5 Multiplayer

Host: Very cool. And am I right in saying one of the things that has kind of been teased about it. Will it have a social multiplayer element to it? Or am I just saying things that I have not seen?

Lyndsay: We definitely want to introduce Sims 5 Multiplayer. And not multiplayer in the scary jump in a world full of strangers kind of way. But literally, how do you and your friends want to do some some play together? And there’s a lot of different flavors that could take.

We’re exploring a lot of different spaces there because playing together can look like so many different things, right?

Sims 5 Multiplayer Preview

Even in our conversations now, we’ve talked about trivia games to fighting games to racing games. Playing together and social features can mean so many things.

We’re having a lot of fun exploring all those different opportunities, particularly within the context of The Sims. Because it is still about these little characters, their little lives and you helping guide them.

So what does that mean if you and I do that together [in The Sims 5]? And how do we figure out how to how to make a little bit of that chaos, a little bit of fun, and a little bit of that positivity all come together in a way that feels Sims-y.

Games that inspire Multi Play

Interviewer: That kind of sparked my mind. Animal Crossing is a good example of how you can have half your own world and do all your own thing, but also you can invite people and have different experiences together, right?

Animal Crossing reference to Project Rene

And the other one very different thought was going back to what we were saying about, you know, people torturing their Sims for whatever reason they’ve justified themselves for.

You could almost have like an asymmetrical kind of horror. Some person’s trying to kill off that Sim or the other person’s like, trying to rescue them or something.

Lyndsay: Well, yeah, I think that’s that’s exactly the kinds of conversations that we’re having, which is super cool.

And we talk about Animal Crossing all the time because it is such a good example of my little space, my little island. But – I can invite you over.

We’ve seen throughout the last few years of Animal Crossing people inventing ways to play together. Even that the game doesn’t specifically support. But they’ve made up scavenger hunts and similar, which is amazing.

Get a first look into The Sims 5 Prototypes!

We actually look at a lot of games that are doing multiplayer in clever ways. Like Among Us even, which is this sort of mystery thing that you have to talk about it and solve it.

But what is the Simsy version of that? What is the reason that I could be trying to do something, trying to make my Sim do something and you might be able to come in and mess it up somehow? Or help out, right?

The Sims 5 Multiplayer prospects
Karma Powers in The Sims 3 Consoles

That’s exactly the kind of stuff we’re exploring. What if this would feel fun and Simsy and how do we make it still feel like your characters and your space and your stories are still yours, but you want to share it with a friend or let them come in and help somehow.

So yeah, we’ll definitely have more to talk about in future announcements.

The full 40-minute podcast linked above also talks about Lyndsay’s experience with working at EA, possibilities of upcoming Sims 4 content and more. You can also find the latest One More Life Podcast Episode on Spotify.

Let us know your thoughts about the latest Sims 5 Multiplayer interview in the comments section down below. You can catch up on the full recap of all The Sims 5 News right here.

As always, don’t miss out on Project Rene updates right here on Sims Community!

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