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Get Ready to Shop The Sims: The Official Merch Store Is Open

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EA and Maxis launch Shop The Sims (dot) com!

After what has felt like an eternity, The Sims finally has an official merchandise store!

First teased on November 14th, 2023, curiosity began to rise within the community as to what we could potentially see in this brand-new store.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve had to shop for The Sims merchandise. Previously, there was a Threadless store where the community could buy selected merchandise themed around the game. However, this was closed some time ago and there has been a void left in its place until now.

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Let’s Shop The Sims!

Shop The Sims launched with sixteen brand-new and exciting items! From apparel to accessories and even collectables, there was a little bit of everything for players to explore!


From The Sims embroidered hoodie and sweatpants to Plumbob Hats and Sul Sul/Dag Dag socks and more!


Here’s what you can buy from the launch in the apparel section on Shop The Sims!

  • The Sims Embroidered Hoodie – $60.00
  • The Sims Embroidered Sweatpants – $60.00
  • The Sims Plumbob Tee – $30.00
  • Sul Sul Bubble Tee – $35.00
  • Character Run Tee – $35.00
  • Want Cake Tee – $35.00
  • The Sims Embroidered Crewneck Sweatshirt – $50.00
  • The Sims Plumbob Hat – $30.00
  • Sul Sul/Dag Dag Athletic Socks – $16.00


Create the perfect Sims-inspired outfits with these cool accessories! With a selection of pin badges and a The Sims-themed water bottle, there are several items players can check out!

  • Plumbob Pin – $12
  • Cowplant Pin – $12
  • Freezer Bunny Pin – $12
  • Glittery Simoleon Pin – $12
  • Plumbob 32oz, Nalgene Bottle + Sticker Pack Bundle – $35

You will also find both The Sims Plumbob Hat and Sul Sul/Dag Dag Athletic Socks as previously seen in the apparel section in the accessories section of Shop The Sims.


Add some Sims-themed collectables to your set-up with the addition of a Freezer Bunny Plush, stickers or even some postcards inspired by worlds from The Sims!

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  • Freezer Bunny Plusie – $30.00
  • Assorted Sticker Pack – $15
  • The Sims 4 World Travels Postcard Set – $20.00

Much like with the accessories section of Shop The Sims, you’ll also find the four pin badges located in this area of the store.

Where to Spend Those Simoleons

Like what you see and want to spend some Simoleons? Then simply head over to and take a look!

The Item I Want is Sold Out?

Has the item(s) you wanted to get sold out already? Don’t worry as according to the FAQ’s, the team will share updates either on @TheSims on X (formerly Twitter) or on Shop The Sims when an item has been restocked.

You can also set up notifications for specific items by hitting the “Notify Me When Available” button!



Shop The Sims will ship items to almost anywhere in the world. While there are some exclusions which, can be found here, players from around the world will be able to get their hands on the official The Sims merchandise.

Orders will take between 3-5 business days to be processed before they are shipped. It’s important to remember that orders are not shipped on weekends or holidays. International orders are subject to additional charges such as customs fees so do keep that in mind.

Here is a list of how the delivery times for orders work out.

  • Standard Flat Rate: 5-8 Business Days
  • Ground: 3-5 Business Days
  • 2 Day: 1-3 Business Days
  • Flat Rate International: 10-14 Business Days

Timings are estimates and can take longer due to external factors such as courier delays, customs and more.

Thoughts on Shop The Sims

Shop The Sims has launched with a good starting collection! While prices seem reasonable for the most part, many will be hoping to see more collections and more variation of products going forward. This is just the start of something that could be amazing for getting official The Sims merchandise out there in the wider world!

Imagine all the possibilities of The Sims-themed products they could create! From more apparel, collectables and accessories to maybe branching out more into homewares and technology accessories? How about accessories for our cats, dogs and horses? Christmas jumpers? Maybe even officially licensed accessories for our setups similar to what we’ve seen in the past? Collaborations with brands or content creators! The possibilities for Shop The Sims are endless!

What do you think of the Shop The Sims launch? Is it what you expected to see or were you hoping for more? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay tuned to Sims Community for all the latest Shop The Sims updates and more from The Sims franchise.

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