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Go Retro with this Sims 4 Living Room CC Set!

Sims 4 CC Set Spotlight

Are you looking for a new Sims 4 Living Room CC collection to add to your game? Then we may have just the thing! Especially if you are looking to create the ultimate mid-modern inspired living space.

Created by Surely-Sims, this mid-century modern collection is not only Base Game compatible but features thirty-five amazing magazine covers created by Surely-Sims.

Sims 4 Living Room CC: The Showroom

Now, you may recognise Surely-Sims from other retro-themed custom content that they’ve previously made. This includes the Fallout 4-inspired Kitchen of Tomorrow Collection, the Unpacked Plush Chicken Family, and The Party Room Arcade and Cinema Carpets to name a few.

Sims 4 Living Room CC: The Showroom Overview

While this is only a small Sims 4 Living Room CC Set, it’s important to not underestimate it! Better still this Surely-Sims collection works perfectly with a lot of items already in The Sims 4.

Featuring nine items in a variety of swatches and patterns, there really is something for everyone!

Sims 4 Custom Content

Let’s take a closer look at each of the individual objects and their swatches!


We have two new comfort additions in The Showroom Modern Living collection. Both come in a range of vibrant colours with the new corner sofa coming in a mixture of solid and patterned swatches!

Sims 4 Living Room CC Set: Swatch Previews


The collection also adds a new coffee table, end table and television unit. All three come in a range of wood swatches.

TS4 x64 2023 09 29 23 57 33 llamabees citrus preset

Electronics & Lighting

We have one new television and a new lamp as part of this Sims 4 Living Room CC Collection. Again, both objects come in a variety of different swatches, perfect for every mid-century modern living space.

Sims 4 Living Room CC: TV Swatches from The Showroom


Finally, we have the two new Decor objects. One is a painting and the other is a stackable magazine. Both of these come in thirty-five gorgeous swatches!

When we saw this collection, we knew we had to create a small build using this pack!

Download The Showroom CC Set


You can download The Showroom Modern Living Collection for free right now on Surely-Sims’ Patreon! Grab it by clicking the download button below!

Building with The Showroom CC Collection

It took some time to figure out exactly what kind of living space we wanted to create. After some trial and error with ideas, it was starting to come together. Essentially, we wanted to create a living space with a sunken area which would act as the core part of the room.

Sims 4 Custom Content

Due to the way we designed the room, we also had these two “balcony” style aspects on either side. Admittedly it was difficult to figure out how to furnish these but all things considered, they turned out okay.

The area furthest away from the room entrance was turned into another seating area along with a juke box from The Sims 4 Get Famous.

TS4 x64 2023 09 30 00 48 02 llamabees citrus preset

On the opposite side, we created a small reading nook that Sims can use and also used the coat and shoe racks on the other side of the door to complete the entrance area.

TS4 x64 2023 09 30 00 58 49 llamabees citrus preset

While it was a simple build for the most part, it did provide its own small challenges. The most difficult part was probably knowing how to fill the spaces without it being overwhelming or looking too empty. Overall, we think we didn’t do too badly!

Our Thoughts

Well, what do we think of this Sims 4 Living Room CC Set from Surely-Sims? Simply, we love it! The objects in this mini collection as well as the variety of colours and patterns showcased throughout.

The retro style is something that works so well in The Sims 4 however, there aren’t a great deal of objects in the game that allow us to fully re-create the style. This collection helps fill that gap.

The Sims 4 Get Famous and Bowling Stuff Packs are just two packs that complement The Showroom Collection perfectly and give players an excellent number of ways to create different rooms. There are objects from other packs that also work well with Surely-Sims content that also helps bring the mid-century modern/retro style to life!

Overall, as we stated, we love this mini custom content collection and we can’t wait to see more from Surely-Sims in the future!

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