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Sims Community Challenge: Sims 4 Romantic Love Day Story

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Welcome to the first Sims Community Challenge for 2024! For this challenge, we will be taking a look at storytelling. Specifically, it will be aimed at creating a Sims 4 Romantic story in honour of the upcoming Love Day!

We will provide you with the scene and a household you can use to help you create the story!

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The Sims 4 Romantic Storytelling

This challenge aims to inspire your storytelling side. We will provide you with the backdrop scene that you can use to create your own romantic story.

The story itself can be anything from a few sentences to a maximum of three hundred words. It is truly up to you what it can be about, make sure it falls within the guidelines for the challenge that you can find below.

The focus is on Love Day however, you can create the story that you want using the tools provided in this challenge. Take inspiration from everyday interactions, a song, a movie scene, or anything that inspires you. Just ensure it keeps to the challenge guidelines that you’ll find below.

The Backdrop

While the backdrop itself is one shell, there are two parts to it. The first is an outside porch area. This could be the entrance to someone’s home or outside of a coffee shop. On the inside is a small cafe/bar space.

Challenge Guidelines

  • Create a short story (maximum of 300 words) using one of the three backdrops we have created.
  • No NSFW/18+ themes, content, imagery or language.
  • Use a maximum of four Sims of either your own creation or you can use our pre-made household.

Note: You can mention Woohoo but keep any mention in line with the game’s Teen Age rating and what you would see in The Sims 4 if you were to play without Mods and Custom Content.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The shell must remain the same as when it was first downloaded however, you may add additional objects if it helps tell your story.
  • You may add/remove the roof/ceiling. The backdrop comes with a partial roof and no ceiling to start with.
  • You may add additional walls to enclose the space providing you use the same wall covering that was used in the original shell.
  • The is no budget aspect to this challenge so feel free to place the backdrop shell on any lot in any world.
  • You can use custom poses in this challenge and your Sims may also be wearing Custom Content.

Downloading The Backdrop

Want to know how to download the backdrop shell and our pre-made Sims? Well, head over to The Gallery to download this Sims 4 Romantic Story Shell!

Sims 4 Romantic

Note: This has been uploaded as an individual lot therefore the following information reflects that on The Gallery listing. As mentioned in the FAQ this can be placed on any lot you wish in your game

  • Username: LeeksEverywhere
  • Build Name: SC Romantic Shell

Lot Information

  • Lot Size: 30×20
  • Lot Value: §12,467
  • Lot Type: Residential
  • Packs Used: Base Game Only

Meet The Tripp Household

Alec and Lacey have been together since their college days. Originally from a small town, are now starting their lives as an engaged couple in a new town and in their new home. Alec is atheltic and eager to get involved in the local sports scene whereas Lacey is a lover of books and can usually be found reading or writing her debut novel.

Tripp Household Description
TS4 x64 llamabees citrus preset 2024 01 26 17 56 15

This young adult household can also be downloaded from The Gallery and used in our The Sims 4 Romantic Story Challenge using the information below.

  • Username: LeeksEverywhere
  • Household Name: Tripp

Sharing & Next Steps

Once you’ve finished creating your story, you can share a link to your story in the comments section below or share your screenshots with added text over in our SC Challenges channel on our Discord Server.

Our Discord server is the best place to share your stories however, it is not compulsory to share it there. You can also share your stories on social media. Just make sure you use the #SCLoveStory tag!

Romantic Storytelling Showcase

Unlike previous Sims Community Challenges that we have run, we will be showcasing some of our favourite stories on social media and our Discord Server. This will be between the 10th – 14th of February 2024!

We can’t wait to see how you fix our build! Be sure to tag us on social media and use the #SCLoveStory tag, so we can see any videos or screenshots you share!

Note: This story challenge is a part of our Sims Community Challenges. To find out more about our original Sims Community Challenges, click here.

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