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New Sims 4 Patch adds Pack Ads to Game UI

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The recent The Sims 4 update has caused some unexpected chaos within the community. While the update has addressed several existing issues, it has also made some slight changes to the user interface.

Since the new changes to The Sims 4 UI which ultimately add another place for in-game advertisements, players have been vocal with their thoughts and concerns about the changes.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a feature like this added to a The Sims game, back in the days of The Sims 3, players had a similar feature to access the additional content shop there.

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The Sims 4 UI Update Adds In-Game Ads

The February 27th, 2024 patch added a new icon to player’s games. The icon can be found in the top right-hand corner of The Sims 4 UI when in Live Mode and Build Buy Mode.

Sims 4 UI

Known as the shopping trolley icon or by its actual title, Packs You May Like, the icon is supposed to share an insight into The Sims 4’s vast library of additional content. However, if you do own all of the expansion, game and stuff packs as well as Kits, it’s not hugely beneficial.

Now, if you were to click on it without owning all of the additional content for The Sims 4, it would show you a selection of content that may interest you. For those who own all the additional content, it tells you that you’ve seen everything, and to check back again soon. It also prompts you to look at the Pack and Kit information in the main menu.

This is a feature that The Sims Team is currently testing in the game. It has also become known that not all players are currently seeing it in their games.

The Problem & Chaos

Before the recent patch was released, there was no suggestion that this Sims 4 UI change was coming. Now that it is appearing in-game, it’s clear to see where the concerns coming from within the community.

As an overview of the concerns and feedback players have been sharing over the past twenty-four hours, here is a quick rundown:

  • The constant pulsating/flashing of the icon while in-game is distracting for many reasons and doesn’t need to be doing so all the time.
  • The addition of the shopping trolley icon doesn’t benefit players in-game and is more of a distraction.
  • What is the actual purpose of this change in The Sims 4 UI when players can discover the additional content via the homepage?
  • Can players have the option to toggle the feature on/off or just remove it altogether?

Across social media, players were vocal to share their thoughts and opinions on the subject matter. Some players even shared some playful memes to try and lighten the mood and make light of the situation.

Please, Make It Stop!

As previously mentioned, the biggest concern was the constant pulsating/flashing of the logo. There were a number of reasons why players were unhappy with it, however, the issue has now been addressed via an emergency hotfix patch from The Sims team.

Additionally, players would like to see the option to toggle the new icon in The Sims 4 UI on and off added in a future patch.

Modders to the Rescue

TwistedMexi took to X (formerly Twitter) after yesterday’s patch to share that they are hoping to add an option in their Better Build Buy Mode that will remove the shopping trolley for players.

While this is a great option for players on PC and Mac, sadly it’s not an option for console players due to restrictions from PlayStation and Xbox.

Community Matters

From the moment the new changes to the Sims 4 UI were discovered, players took to social media to share their thoughts and opinions.

Please be aware that these posts were made prior to the emergency hotfix patch being released on February 28th, 2024 across all platforms.

While many players seemed to be on the same page and shared many of the same thoughts and opinions on the new shopping trolley icon, some players did take a moment to take a more humorous approach to the situation.

The Sims Direct Communications

It’s clear that the changes to The Sims 4 UI are not going down well and The Sims Direct Communications X account shared some further information.

Not only has this change been rolled out to select players, but it’s also a test feature for The Sims 4 UI. As to why only select players have received the change, it is not clear however, players hope that either the feature becomes an option that can be toggled or is removed completely.

This was also something that was echoed by many players. Is there truly a need for this UI change when we already have a home for discovering additional content on the main menu of the game?

The emergency hotfix to address the issues with the news Sims 4 UI icon flashing longer than planned has been rolled out for players across all platforms.

Where Can I Share My Feedback?

There is currently a thread over on the EA Answers HQ where players can share their feedback about the new feature.

Simply head over to the EA Answers HQ thread via the button!

Let Us Know

We are keen to hear your thoughts on the current shopping feature that The Sims team are testing out. What are your honest thoughts and opinions? Do you like it or do you feel it is too much? Could this feature have been implemented in another way?

Join us in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sims Community for all the latest from The Sims franchise.

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