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Mac Players: Origin to EA App Switch is just “Days Away”

EA App for Mac Sims 4 Horse Ranch Preview

Here’s how you can best prepare for the switch!

Back in September 2023 Electronic Arts released an official statement about EA App for Mac. The new desktop app was first introduced for Windows players in October 2022, with a promise to deliver the new client for Mac players “soon”.

EA App for Mac

Almost two years later and here we are! The latest statement from EA is letting players know that the Mac switch is happening “in the next few weeks”. Including a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the switch from Origin to EA App on Mac.

Origin Notification on Mac OS

If you’re a Mac player like me then you’ve probably been notified about the upcoming upgrade to EA App. According to Origin, the platform upgrade is “just days away” from happening.

EA App Mac

To ensure a smooth transition process from an old game launcher to a new one, EA has prepared a list of questions and answers that will help you ensure to make this transition as harmless as possible.

Still, we strongly advise you to make any and every precaution necessary to ensure your game files and save games remain intact during the switch.

EA App on Mac: FAQ

General Questions

  • When will the EA app be available for download on the Mac?
    • Soon! We’ll be in touch in the next few weeks to let you know when it’s available.
  • What is the EA app?
    • The EA app for Mac is Electronic Arts’ all-new, enhanced Mac platform where you can easily play any of your supported Origin games and discover new favourites.
  • I need some help, who can I contact?
    • You can contact us here.
  • Why is the EA app replacing Origin?
    • Origin is a platform that’s been around for over ten years. Given its age, it unfortunately has performance and reliability limitations, and we’ve heard our players’ feedback about those issues.

      The EA app is meant to be an answer to that feedback: it’s built from the ground up to be a faster, lighter and more modern app built with the future in mind.

Your EA account

  • Does my account transfer to the EA app?
    • Yep, you can log in to the EA app with the same credentials you use for Origin.
  • Will my saved data and in-game hours transfer over?
    • Yes. Any game that lists in-game hours on Origin will list those hours on the EA app. Saved data currently on your Mac or saved via Origin’s cloud will also transfer.

Your EA games

  • What will happen to my Origin games?
    • Once you download the EA app onto your supported MacOS device and log in to your account, all your games should be ready for play. If you find something to be missing from your library on the EA app, please contact us.
  • What if I notice one (or more) of my games is missing? What do I do?
    • We’ve worked hard to ensure all games and content previously available on Origin are ready for you on the EA app. If something is missing, and you believe it should be in your library, please contact us.
  • Will I have to re-download my games?
    • No re-downloading is necessary. Any games you already installed on Origin will appear in your collection on the EA app, ready to play.

      If you don’t see any of your games, DLC or other content please contact us so we can help resolve the issue.


  • The EA app won’t launch no matter what.
    • Please attempt a full restart of the application. Please also ensure Origin is not running on your PC.

      If a restart of the app doesn’t work, try restarting your computer.

      If that also doesn’t work, contact us.
  • Can’t launch “x” game from the EA app.
    • Please attempt a full restart of the application. Please also ensure Origin is not running on your PC.

      If a restart of the app doesn’t work, try App Recovery.

      If that also doesn’t work, contact us.
  • Why are games missing from my library?
  • The EA app is crashing
    • Contact us so we can help you resolve this issue. If you received an error code, please reference it when reaching out.

EA app and Functionality/Features

  • What will happen to my friends list?
    • Your Origin friends list automatically transfers over once you log in to the EA app, so you don’t have to worry about remembering all those player IDs.
  • Origin used to have “x” feature (wishlist, gifting, etc.) when will “x” be available in the EA app?
    • We aim to consistently update the EA app to serve all players better over time. If we see significant demand for “x” feature, we’ll be sure to use that feedback to craft the future of the app.
  • Where can I access advanced launch options?
    • The game tile in your library has a button to access game properties, which contains the advanced launch options.

I’ve been waiting for a moment like this for two years now, considering how unsupported Origin currently is on Mac OS.

Let’s hope for better results than the chaos Windows players have gone through.

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