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The Sims 4 Gemology Skill Guide: Master Gem Cutting!

Sims 4 Gemology Skill

Do you want to learn how to shine and sparkle? Maybe you want to learn the mysterious powers of the crystals? Maybe you want to create and sell beautiful jewellery? Well, the shimmering new Sims 4 Gemology Skill will help you do just that!

This exciting new skill in The Sims 4 Crystal Creations Stuff Pack comes with ten levels to complete and will allow your Sims to explore a variety of different aspects of gemology. You’ll discover how to create your own gem-based creations and turn them into something your Sims can wear, gift them to other Sims or even sell them.

Sims 4 Gemology Skill

What is Gemology?

While ever Sim may appreciate a shiny gem, those with Gemology Skill learn to create their own gem-based creations for wearing, gifting, or turning a little profit.

Gemology is built primarily by crafting on a Gemology Table, supplemented by finding metals and crystals. Increasing this skill will unlock new jewellery designs and gemstone cuts, as well as increase the number of metals and crystals a Sim finds!

The Sims 4 Gemology Skill Description.

Getting Started

There are a couple of ways you can get started with The Sims 4 Gemology Skill. You can purchase the Crystal Creations Skill books from a bookcase or computer. There are three available which get your Sims started with the basics.

Alternatively, you can jump straight in with purchasing a Gemology Table instead. This can be found under the Study tab of the catalogue and then in the Hobbies & Skills section. It will set your Sims back $650 but will open up so many shimmering opportunities instead!

The Gemology Table at a Glance

The All-in-One Gemology Table by Humphrey Inc. serves a number of purposes for Sims looking to become a Master of Gemology.

Starting off, The Gemology Table will allow your Sims to Cut Gemstones, Design Various Jewellery, and Design Random Jewellery for $300 or will allow you to store materials within it.

sims 4 gemology skill table

As you make your way through this Sims 4 Gemology Skill, you will unlock more recipes for making different pieces of jewellery.

Sims 4 Gemology Skill Overview

The Sims 4 Gemology Skill allows your Sims to explore a craft like never before. As your Sim progresses through the skill, they’ll unlock not only their knowledge but also learn more about gems and the power of crystals.

Essentially as your Sim levels up you’ll be able to craft different jewellery pieces, create different gemstone cuts and design some truly unique pieces.

So, are you ready to learn what it takes to become a master of the Gemology Skill?

Below is an overview of what your Sim will learn along the way with the Sims 4 Gemology Skill!

1Sims can design Basic and Chunky jewellery as well as cut Spire and Cabochon Gemstones
2Discuss Crystal Propertises with other Sims as well as design Delicate jewellery and cut Emerald Gemstones.
3More likely to discover crystals and metals when digging at rocks and design Lunar Goddess jewellery as well as cut Seed Gemstones.
4Sims can design Eye jewellery and cut Pear Gemstones.
5Sims can craft jewellery and gemstones faster, design Bling jewellery and cut Brilliant Gemstones.
6Gather additional crystals and metals when digging at rocks, design Mystical jewellery, and cut Star Gemstones.
7Sims can craft jewellery and gemstones even faster, design Botanical jewellery, and cut Skull Gemstones.
8Can design Edwardian Gothic jewellery as well as cut Heart Gemstones.
9Gather even more crystals and metals when digging at rocks, design Starry Sailor jewellery, and cut Plumbob Gemstones.
10Craft jewellery and gemstones at record breaking speeds, craft Plumbob jewellery, and cut Gnome Gemstones.

Skill Rewards

Upon completion of The Sims 4 Gemology Skill, your Sim will receive 1,000 Aspirations points that can be spent in the reward store. Your Sim will also be able to explore and create a wide range of jewellery styles and various Gemstone Cuts.

There are no Build Buy Mode unlockables for this Skill as a reward.

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Next Steps

What can players do next once mastering the Sims 4 Gemology Skill?

They can continue to create dazzling pieces of jewellery to wear on a day-to-day basis, gift them to their loved ones and friends or sell them on Plopsy.

Why not look into what different crystals will do and how their mysterious and magical properties work with one another?

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