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The Sims 4 Daily Rewards: Overview of Features and Unlockables

SIMS 4 Daily Rewards FE

The Sims 4 has a new incentive to reward its players for logging into the game.

The surprise that The Sims Team has been teasing for two weeks straight has been revealed with the latest Sims 4 Patch. More specifically, completely uncovered in the game’s files and data.

The Sims 4 Daily Rewards is a new Feature that will pop up into your game’s Main Menu, offering an incentive to unlock new Outfits, Objects and even Traits to your game. What’s interesting about this is that it follows a free-to-play logistic route seen in games such as Fortnite or The Sims Mobile. Making it seem like this is only the start of what’s to come with future monetization methods of The Sims Franchise…

sims 4 happy at home login rewards

Either way, let’s dig into everything there is to the new Daily Rewards and how you can unlock the new Sims 4 items and features into your game!

Please note that a regular internet connection will be required on Desktop and Console devices in order to claim these features.

The Sims 4 Daily Rewards for the Month Ahead

The first round of Sims 4 Daily Rewards will last for 4 weeks. With a speculated start date set for either May 29th or May 30th, 2024. Throughout the next four weeks you’ll be able to unlock different sets of items, including:

Week 1

  • Day 1: Bullseye Dartboard
  • Day 2: Night Sky Layered Necklace – Embrace the night with this layered necklace featuring three stars resting above a crescent moon.
  • Day 3: Guerdon Goods Mini Fridge and NanoCan 2.0 – Guerdon Goods brings you this wonderful matching mini fridge and garbage can combo. Just don’t forget to recycle those soda cans.

Week 2

  • Day 1: Compact Bar – Whether you’re practicing your Mixology skills or just serving up juice for your friends, you can save space without compromising on quality with the Compact Bar.
  • Day 2: Serenity Hairstyle – These luscious locks are the perfect length for a sassy hair flip.

Week 3

  • Day 1: Casual Comfort Pillow – How many more pillows do you need? More. The answer is always more.
  • Day 1: Practice Makes Perfect (CAS Trait) – Sims with this trait learn skills faster, even if they are a bit slower at first.

Week 4

  • Day 1: Guerdon Goods Vending Machine and Athleisure Wear – Sure, you could go for a jog, or you could grab a few snacks and relax on the sofa instead.
sims 4 daily rewards preview

For example, if you want to unlock all the items from Week 1, you’ll have to login into The Sims 4 three times in a span of one week to complete the Week 1 Reward set. That means that if you’ve unlocked the Bullseye Dartboard for opening the game once, you’ll be able to unlock the Layered Necklace after 24 hours pass by. And so on with other items within the same week.

If, let’s say, you miss out on the first week of items, you won’t be able to obtain them ever again. Still, you can unlock items from Week 2 or other future weeks depending when you login next into The Sims 4.

The first Sims 4 Daily Rewards event is set to finish by the end of June 2024.

How to Claim The Sims 4 Login Rewards

It’s easy! Simply select the Freezer Bunny Login Event screen on the Main Menu after the event goes live. From there you’ll be taken to the menu where you can claim your rewards.

event tile ts4 main menu

Under each item there’s a “Claim” button that gets unlocked after a select time period has passed by. You can also accumulate and stack multiple rewards per week and claim them simultaneously – as long as you’re on time!

Sims 4 Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards Unlockables Overview

Let’s get the first thing out of the way, and those are the new Build Objects. Player @Simmatically uncovered a preview of swatches that you should be able to expect with the first Sims 4 Daily Rewards items. See what they look like in-game down below:

Practice Makes Perfect Trait

Player @RexEdogawa discovered interesting facts about the Practice Makes Perfect Trait that you’ll be able to obtain from Week 3 of Sims 4 Daily Rewards:

Sims 4 Daily Rewards Trait
  • It’s not a reward trait but a CAS one.
  • It does not reward your Sims, in fact, it punishes them by making them learn ALL skills at a 50% speed.
  • However, it works in a way that ‘Practicing’ skills in a category helps.

How this ‘practice makes perfect’ works: By default your Sims learn all skills at 50% speed. But by practicing a single category (Creative, Social, Physical and Mental) continuously, they can up the speed to 90%, 130%, 160% and even a whopping 180%

However, once they stop practicing, this buff starts to decay. Their practice will be checked daily, if no bugs occur. So they need to practice each category every day. And it will eventually drop back to 50%. So it’s kind of a challenging trait other than a reward one.

If they can keep practicing, which is really very easy since you can just read four skill books for 5 minutes each day… They can keep their 180% skill boost. Permanent Double Boost Week!

We’re still awaiting for in-game previews of the new Create A Sim items. Still, you can can already see the game preview of the new Hairstyle thanks to the Mod unlock below!

PC / Mac: Instantly unlock Build and CAS Daily Rewards with a Mod

If you’re on PC or Mac and want to skip the hassle of having to login each day (or depend on an internet connection) to use the new Sims 4 Daily Rewards, you don’t have to worry. Players have proven that these items can be unlocked additionally through a Mod, considering that these items already exist within The Sims 4 Base Game files.

Modder Simsiboy has already released their Mod for the game, unlocking all the Build Objects as well as the new CAS Hairstyle. It’s only a matter of time until we see unlocks for the new Trait too…

You can get these Modded Unlocks for free on Simsiboy’s Patreon. Simply paste the .package files into your Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder and enjoy the contents. Note that these items will be marked as Modded content in your game rather than as official Event Rewards.

Another effective workaround!

And this one is for both Desktop and Console players! @loner_cowplant pointed out a brilliant solution to unlock the new Practice Makes Perfect Trait. Simply click the Randomize button on traits in Create A Sim until the reward trait pops out:

sims 4 login rewards 2

And for the Build Objects? There’s a solution there too! Use the new “Event Rewards” filter in Build Mode and add any and every color within the filters to have the new Sims 4 Login Rewards show up.

It seems to be a glitch, but it works brilliantly. Thanks @TheHenfordHen for the tip!

sims 4 login rewards 1

What do you think?

It seems that The Sims Team has been preparing for quite some time to launch The Sims 4 Daily Rewards Feature, and we believe that they’ll become a regular thing from here on out in the game.

We want to know what are your thoughts on the current offering of The Sims 4 Daily Rewards and if you plan to regularly use this feature. Let us know your thoughts in the community poll below!

Do you like the new Sims 4 Daily Rewards Feature?

Do you plan on logging into your game regularly to get the Daily Reward items and features?

Thoughts on the first set of Rewards?

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