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fivegigs Tumblr found a survey which states several possible game features for The Sims 4. I have to remind you that there was a survey for Seasons, and everything that they stated in that survey happened in the real game, so there is a possibility that we will see these features in The Sims 4!

  • World Creation Tool – With the world creation tool you can change the terrain, place environmental objects, and create a custom backdrop for your Sims’ neighborhood.
  • Real-Time Co-Op Gameplay – Invite a friend into your game to play cooperatively, share a home and manage your Sims together all in one online world that continually evolves even when you’re away.
  • Wardrobe Moodlets – Outfit your Sims with a diverse range of clothing and aspire to get your Sims’ selective fashion items that can directly affect their mood.
  • Aspirations – Assign your Sims a long-term goal called an Aspiration then achieve it by having your Sims compete relevant short-term goals throughout their life.
  • Cradle to Grave – Sims can experience age-specific gameplay and a true life cycle with big life moments such as birth, marriage, and death.
  • New CAS System – Just like modeling clay, Create a Sim is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that lets you directly sculpt face or body features by clicking and dragging to perfection.
  • Events – Easily host or attend events with your Sims to earn rewards, complete goals, enhance skills or jobs and discover new storytelling and relationship possibilities with neighbors!
  • Featured Looks – With Featured Looks you choose from a catalog of curated styles and outfit your Sims in designer looks with just one click.
  • Magazine View – Flip through Magazine View to choose from pre-configured, fully furnished room layouts, then drop the entire room into your home with just one click.
  • Group Socializing – Your Sims social interactions are more realistic and lifelike in social groupings.
  • Remote Sim Share – Use Remote Sim Share on the web, your mobile device or tablet to browse The Sims community’s creations then queue them up for download to your PC.
  • Multitasking – For the first time in The Sims, your Sims can now multitask by doing many actions at once, such as enjoy a drink while talking to friends and watching TV, giving them more realistic living and social behaviors.
  • Create a Sim Mobile – Harness the powerful new Create a Sim tool on your mobile device to create Sims on the go, then upload to your The Sims 4 game on your PC.
  • Traits – Create unique Sims with traits that change the way they can interact with the world around them. Watch as your decisions cause Sims’ traits to evolve and lead to surprising moments.
  • Live Stream – Use this built-in tool your game to an online streaming provider and give The Sims community the opportunity to watch you play.
  • Levels of Emotions – Your Sims’ emotions have varying levels of advancement, giving you the power and control to push their emotions to the extremes creating new and interesting gameplay opportunities to explore.
  • Account Achievements – Unlock Account Achievements for completing in-game tasks and earning accomplishments, then share or compare your progress with your friends.
  • Personalized Neighborhoods – Each section of a neighborhood is yours to personalize through shared content or Maxis creations that you place yourself.
  • Reward System – Earn new objects, outfits and Sim Traits for completing in-game tasks like completing Events, finding Collectibles, being featured in Sims Share, and unlocking Account Achievements.
  • Integrated Sim Share – Participate in Sim Share to instantly share and track your Sim or home creations with the world. Seamlessly browse creations made by The Sims community within the game.
  • Player-Run Events – Invite your friends to your own special Event like weddings and birthday parties to unlock new skills, level up your Sims and make progress together in a social environment.
  • Mobile Stats App – Get a robust breakdown of your game stats and your Sims’ activities by using this Mobile Stats App.
  • Environment Impact – Objects and decorative items in your home impacts your Sims’ emotions and mood, giving you the power to create a room that’s inspiring, romantic, depressing, or anywhere in between.
  • New Build System – Build the home of your dreams with a powerful new range of tools that allow such great control as moving an entire room with ease, placing new walls with prevision and adding detailed finishing touches.
  • Expressiveness – Quickly see how your different Sims may be feeling by watching their facial expressions, vocal tone, and body movements, not just a bar or icon in the UI.
  • Mobile Mini-Games – Take control of your Sims’ dreams while on the go by playing mini games that will effect your Sims’ emotion and advance their careers, then check their progress in game when you return to your PC.
  • Memory Moodlets – Create memories through captured screenshots and assign emotions to them – when your Sims reminisce about the memory, they’ll get that emotional buff.

Instead of Sims that live moment-to-moment with little/no memory, the new Sims game introduces meaningful possibilities that stem from your choices, and these choices can ripple into the future. Decisions relating to everything from interactions and objects to clothing and environments open up new gameplay options. A stylish house, flirtatious mood, and exciting event could lead to a sing-a-long that inspires a candlelit dinner and an intimate night between two admiring Sims. As you play, new possibilities relevant to your choices will continually emerge, adding greater realism and meaning to The Sims and worlds you create.

The Sims’ ability to feel and express deeper, richer emotions will bring a new level of immersion to your Sims experience. Through rich audio and video detail, your Sim’s emotions are vividly expressed in the way he or she walks, talk and interacts with the world. New unique interactions become available based on the emotional state of your Sim. You can create environments and objects that affect your Sim’s moods, and through Sim-to-Sim interactions and skill  building you can discover and play with every facet of your Sim’s inner and outer life.

The Sims world is designed for creative experimentation. Experiment to see what kind of homes, people and personalities you can create. An artistically inspired room and accompanying wardrobe can inspire your Sims to greater height of art. See how far you can push your Sims by putting him or her into situations to experience new depths of love, anger, and despair, among numerous other moods. Explore a world that empowers you to control and push your creativity, and your Sims, further than ever before.

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