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Into the Future: Do you want to change the Future?


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The thing I love the most about The Sims 3 Into the Future is that you can leave your mark on the future whether it is on a personal level or a grander scale. From influencing your family’s future lineage to manipulating the threads of time to create a happier or dirtier Oasis Landing, there are various ways for your Sim to have an impact. While experimenting with these changes, be sure to check out the Almanac of Time as it is a handy guide to all the impacts you can have on the future!

One way to affect the legacy of your Sims is through their descendants. Your Sims can actively change who their descendants will be, what they’ll be like, how many there will be, and even what kind of lifestyle they’ll have. Sometimes it’ll take a big change like winning the lottery to affect the descendants, but don’t be surprised if even something small will alter your descendants! Things like getting married, having children, dying, buying real estate, and traits can all influence your descendants. I love constantly modifying my Sims’ lives to shape and reshape their descendants, but don’t get too caught up and forget to visit them and say hello! Again, the Almanac of Time is a great resource for information on descendants and will even help you locate them in Oasis Landing!


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