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I have always wanted a game where you could create your own family and simulate life. When I found out the Sims was actually a game, I purchased it. The first game that I purchased was The Sims 2 Pets on PlayStation 2. After playing it all day, every day, I later purchased The Sims 2 (Original) for PS2, then The Sims Bustin Out (PS2). After about 2 years of playing it on console, I moved over to the PC. My friend had the Sims 2 base game (PC) and did not want it anymore, so I asked him if I could have it. He gave it to me and I was hooked. My day is very busy though. I am a full time High school student (Junior) and have tons of Homework. On my freetime, I love to record the sims for my youtube channel. My channel is called MattGiordanoGames. I usually record all Sims 3, with a little sims 2, and 1 on the side. The LP’s that I’m currently doing are University Life, Seasons, Generations, Supernatural, Pets, Showtime, Sunlit Tides, Island Paradise, Sims 2, Sims 1,The Walking Dead 400 days, Left 4 Dead 2, and SimCity (2013), etc. Yes, its a handful but most of them and far alone and they should finish within the next couple of months to prepare for the sims 4. On my channel I have uploaded nearly 230 videos. I have been active since September 2012 which is when I started. In the future, I WILL be doing a Into The Future LP, and a Sims 4 LP. 🙂
My opinion on The Sims 4: I think it’s perfect! The sims is a video game so I never really wanted it to be super realistic. The looks of the characters are amazing, the the new emotion system is fabulous. I’m really excited.


Thank you so much for this opportunity!



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