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Hey, my name is Torben also known as SimLinks on YouTube. The Sims has been a great deal in my life till to this day. I started one day my parents friend house who had The Sims 1. Let me tell you. I had no clue how to do anything at all. I took the game home and played it on my brothers super old laptop, well back then it was one of the best but now you can say it’s a giant laptop. I played The Sims all day after school and night. I thought it was the best game ever. Not long later maybe 1 year into playing the game, I had all The Sims 1 games and The Sims 2 was released. Now yes I did get it the day it came out, so you can say nothing has changed at all. I was always up to date when it came to The Sims and even got my best friend into playing it. On my free time, all I did was play sims and build houses in game. It was one thing that made me feel happy and relaxed. I loved it. My parents got mad at me a lot for not coming to dinner at night, well I mean I had better things to do then eat. About one and a half years ago I started YouTube. I always wanted to share my ideas on house building and Let’s Plays, so YouTube was it. I loved it and I still do, it’s my number 2 thing after The Sims to do on my free time, well, let’s say they are the same, love doing both of them. I had to change channels about 6 month ago to SimLinks. I mostly have Let’s Plays and some houses. I’m planing on building more in the future and I’m working on my first world. More info on the world is coming soon.
I can’t wait for The Sims 4. I’m in love with the graphic and the way it looks. I think it will be an amazing game. I love what they did with it. I’m really looking forward to the game. It’s already preordered.
You can find me on twitter @Sim_Links and on YouTube at SimLinks or send me an email at

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