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The Sims 4 – Improved Camera


SimGuruGraham recently replied to an issue on Mod The Sims, saying that issues with camera that we had in The Sims 3/past Sims games won’t happen again in The Sims 4. Big thanks to HoneyWell’s Sims 4 Blog for finding this!

The Builder: The camera! Seriously, the camera in TS3 sucks when building. It cannot focus properly when you have all floors+roof active. When I colour and build my house, I really prefer having it all walls and floors up, but then the camera flies away so you can’t have your house centered, because it focuses too much on the roof. If I move the camera slightly down, it falls down to the ground instead. There is no in-between.

SimGuruGraham: This constantly bugged me in Sims 3… it was one of the first things I asked them to overhaul when we were building the demo we showed at Gamescom. As things currently stand, the further your camera is zoomed out, the less the camera bounces when moving across different floor levels. Personally I think it feels a lot better in-game now; I hope you’ll agree when you get your hands on it

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