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Hello super awesome people, I am The Sims Fanatic AKA @martyuu on Twitter! Here is a little more about myself, what I am doing and what I love to do.

I started playing The Sims at the beginning of 2009. A friend of mine told me about The Sims 2 and it just got my attention. We talked like hours about it, and talked, and talked. She got me addicted just by telling me about it. We also played The Sims 2, a lot of friends gathered and we created our Sim-selfs and build discos with The Sims 2: Nightlife on the flat roof, designing our rooms how we want. Then I understood  that The Sims 3 has been released.
One time when I was at my older cousin’s house, he had The Sims 3 installed. Of course I tried it and guess what. I was shocked and I didn’t know what to do. I was so confused. I remember making a mom with a child and played with them in a house box. (LOL)
Time passed and I got The Sims 3 on my own computer! I played with hours and hours… (we all know that). At first I even didn’t know what an expansion pack means. So I was shocked when World Adventures was released. Then I fell in love with The Sims and it came a part of my life until now – the near end of the series.
In my freetime (which is not much) I love being on the computer and tweeting with friends. They are so nice and supportive to me. And playing The Sims of course!  I’m studying in an art high-school and currently specializing in industrial design. That means that I spend a lot of time drawing, painting and sculpting in classes which is cool, although it is hard. I love photography, too and I like going to the forest to take photos. I have a Simblr (Sims related Tumblr blog) where I post my inspirations from the game, so I love editing Sims landscapes and posting them there.
Not long ago, I started my own YouTube Simming channel, where currently I am making a Midnight Hollow Let’s Play Mini Series. My first video was kindly welcomed and I was happy for finally doing this as I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I am on my way to 50 subscribers and I’m very happy! Although, I still don’t have many views, I am not stopping doing this because of my supporters that like what I am doing. Big thanks to them! I don’t have many videos yet, but I’m really passionate and willing to have lots of lots of videos! I’m planning of making an Into The Future Let’s Play and I hope it is better than my current one.
I want my channel to be very popular one day. I would love to spread lot of happiness from there because I love seeing other people happy and I want to be an inspiration for many people!
Oh, The Sims 4? I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! Since I first saw it, I was flying in the sky! I definitely love the art style of it. It looks realistic, at the same time cartoonish and a little bit like The Sims themselves. They don’t have to be realistic, they are Sims. I really can’t wait to Build/Buy with The Sims 4 new tools since I love designing. I’m really looking to the emotional depth our Sims will have. Since I am a story teller type of player, I love reflecting real life in my game and forcing my Sims to do things that would normally happen in life. I think the emotions will bring a lot for this! I can’t wait to tell more realistic stories with the perfectly made Sims I desired with the new amazing CAS! I really can’t wait to get my hands on this!
About The Sims Community, I’ve soon discovered it and I saw that it is one best site where cool Sims news are being posted. I also love how it focus on the Community itself, giving us a chance to understand about other awesome Simmers. Keep it going guys and one day you might be the greatest site! 🙂
And as a final, I would like to tell you about my dreams and things I wish I could do to change the world. Bullying, wars, hunger, homeless people. I want to stop it all, I want the world to be a better place. I would definitely do charities if I was rich. I’m crying when I’m watching the starving children in Africa. I want to help everyone! If I could be famous one day, I want to be famous for doing good things and changing the world for the good. I want to be an inspiration of a nation! Also, be positive! When you wake up, put a smile on your face and continue your day being nice to others, helping to people that need something. That’s what I do and I am happy. Trust me guys, you will be, too. Be positive, be nice, help others and dream big and we can change the world someday!


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