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Hi! My name is George (Screen name: GWTReaver). – A lover of The Sims franchise, an inspired builder and an enchanting storyteller.
I started playing ‘The Sims’ in 2005. (This made me 6 years old!) A babysitter of mine was a Sims enthusiast! While she looked after me and my siblings she would sit and sit and sit for hours letting us watch her play the The Sims Bustin’ Out, on my brothers PS2. The reason this memory is still so present in my mind is because for 1 reason.I Still have her game! I remember her talking a toilet break and me and my brother squabbling for who got to play. In this case, it was me. I grabbed the controller and let my creativity unleash. With a garden full of gnomes and flamingos in the underground bathroom there was no stopping me now. Little did she know that I grew a knack for all these controls! She was so impressed with my ways, that eventually she gave me the game! So this was in fact my first and most outstanding Sims memory.
Growing up wasn’t always so easy. The only thing that made it easier was having the ability to do whatever I wanted, be whoever I want. Live another life, if it wasn’t apparent already only 1 game would let me do this. This is why I will continue to follow the Sims franchise through its ups and downs. Because in the end, if you think about it. It has always been there for me!
My Favourite Sims game ultimately would have to be the Sims 3 because it allowed more than I ever could imagine.  From game to game, it became so much more, new stories, new towns, new lives, and my favourite. New WOOHOO locations! 😀
Currently I have not been the one to ask about YouTube, especially my channel. With 3 measly videos I can hardly call that a library, more of a short child’s book.But here’s the happy ending! With ITF out, here is my time to shine. I have already made some thumbnails for my videos! I already have written ideas and a storyline! SO, everyone I apologise about  my commitment to my channel! It has been lacking. Now it’s my time to change that!


In a honest opinion, I haven’t really developed a clear opinion on the Sims 4 yet! All I can say is that I like the idea of new storylines, new emotion trees, and most importantly new Woohoo locations! (IM only Joking ;D)
Dear all visitors of the Sims Community. This page is made for us! We are the community! This has been my story, what’s yours?
George (GWTReaver) ^_^  ~Happy Simming


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