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SimCity: Progressive Insurance Set


SimCity released a new DLC set, and the best news is that it’s free! This set allows you to retain your money back after a random disaster happens in your city. You can download this set HERE!


Stop worrying, Mayor!

Insure your city’s buildings with the awesome Progressive office. If your city is hit by a disaster while you’re insured, you will get a percentage back of the cost of any city buildings you’ve lost. Adjust your insurance coverage to fit your play style — will you live dangerously or play it safe? Shoppers in your city will be happy to shop at the Progressive office. Insurance for your city? Now that’s Progressive.


• Insure City Buildings: No one likes having to re-purchase buildings you have plopped in your city when they’re destroyed by a disaster. With the Progressive office, you can insure your buildings and get some money back if you’re hit by a disaster.

• Choose Your Coverage: By default, your city buildings are covered at 50%, but you can adjust how much coverage you have, from 0% to 90%. Your premium cost will of course adjust with your coverage.

• Sims Shop at Progressive: Your Sims will feel safe and happy after visiting the Progressive Office.

• Missions for Flo: Complete two new missions as Flo helps you insure your city.

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