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The first ever Sims game I actually played was The Sims 2. I tried to work it out, but it was really tricky to get the hang of. My dad, whom I’d watched playing The Sims, helped me work it out (build/buy, at least) and I was off building houses that’d be six storeys high, and then I’d get confused and wonder why I couldn’t put a roof on the top. Soon after, I discovered expansion packs and live mode. I then went on to buy every expansion pack – but, mind you, I didn’t care much for stuff packs. I had no idea about The Sims 3 until my neighbour let me borrow his copy whilst he was away on a trip. I fell in love instantly; and I had a much deeper connection with my Sims on that game than I had on The Sims 2. I have every expansion and stuff pack to date for The Sims 3 now, and I still play the game whenever I can.
I’m currently still in school so that takes up a lot of time. I’m actually very social, so I’m often out doing something with friends. When I’m not busy with my mates or doing homework, I’ll play The Sims or SimCity (I got that game in August). It was also in August that I had the idea for SMAGAZINE, a magazine that would showcase design in The Sims 3 – something that hadn’t really been done before. I didn’t realise what a huge undertaking it would be when I first started, because I didn’t try and recruit a team – I was a one-man show. I managed to finish the issue eventually, and shared it. It didn’t really gain that much popularity, but the fact I’m still writing new issues and getting together more features such as interviews show that I mean business with this magazine. I want this magazine to be something people can look to for inspiration when they see that daunting empty 64×64 lot staring at them from their computer screen. In the future, I hope to build up a team of writers, editors and builders for SMAGAZINE so I can release issues on a more regular basis. I want to see what I can do with this, and I want to see what will happen to SMAGAZINE.
On the topic of the future – I can’t wait for The Sims 4. I respect and support what EA is trying to do with The Sims 4, and I’ve really liked what I’ve seen from the game so far. The Sims with emotions looks so exciting, and the continuous timeline of actions (similar to what we’ve seen from Into the Future) is a nice touch. I’m also loving the look of the new creative tools, especially Create-a-Sim. I don’t tend to try that hard when I make my Sims, so hopefully that’ll encourage me to get more hands-on. The quick building tools look nice too, and hopefully they’ll let us build a really nice-looking house for our Sims in the fraction of the time it’d take to do so on The Sims 3.
Finally, if you’d like to check out the official magazine website, visit but go to to check out the first issue.

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