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Tony Ianiro, Concept Artist and Visual Developer for The Sims 4, published some interesting artwork in his portofolio. We don’t say that this is The Sims 4 Concept Art, but if you take a close look, these concept arts have Art Style that reminds me a lot to The Sims 4.

Update: Tony privated his portofolio that included possible concept arts for The Sims 4!


Tony Ianiro:

• Created full environment paintings using Maya and Photoshop.
• Created stylized concept art of houses (exterior and interior walls, floors and portals designs), world objects, interior objects and vehicles for in house and outsourcing.
• Hand painting textures in Photoshop CS5 and helped to create the overall “look” of the game
• Collaborated with designers, world builders, 3D artists to create environments
• Helped teach other concept artists on the team how to create accurate drawings and designs for architecture using Maya and Photoshop.

Update: Honeywell’s Sims 4 blog and a Mod The Sims Member pointed out the fact that the OFFICIAL concept art of the Cupcake Machine has the same font and layout as the riverboat concept art.

tumblr_my9y1ynzxZ1sh6xelo2_1280 tumblr_my9y1ynzxZ1sh6xelo1_1280


Woodworking is a confirmed skill for The Sims 4. Take a look at this possible concept art of the Wood work table.


All Concept Arts

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Also, if you take a close look to some of the Concept Art of Houses, you’ll notice that they look a lot like houses from the leaked UI Screen of The Sims 4. Coincidence? You decide!


Source: Honeywell’s Sims 4 Blog

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