Sims Community Magazine – Issue 1

The first Issue of Sims Community Magazine is here! In this Issue, you will learn more about sending your Sims Into the Future, Building a City in SimCity Cities of Tomorrow, see what other Simmers voted for new Video Game/Music/Movie releasements and more!

Click Here to download the first Issue of our Magazine! (via MEGA)

Below you can read our Magazine. If there are any issues with reading this Magazine, send us feedback in the comment section!

About the author

Jovan Jovic

Founder of the Sims Community website. I do plenty of things around here including writing articles such as "Top 10 Disney Princesses in The Sims", social media management, video content creation, streaming and more!


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  • I don’t know really. It’s a bit plain and unorganized I guess, and not properly themed. Like for example, the front page is a mix between flat colors, gradients and well, imagery [Game footage] and the combo isn’t that good. And like, some text boxes throughout are plain, or un-ruled/not neat and they look like it was placed anywhere. And some of the text is right up to the edge of the box, so it doesn’t look very good. And for instance, with the fonts [I can tell it’s Pluto Sans], Try variate them from the titles and the body text/subheadings/body text or whatever, it just looks like it was done on MSPaint ?:-) :-?
    Sorry if I was winging or whatever, I’m just trying to give some feedback for the magazine :-P so take it constructively. Sorry if I sound like one of those people that complain all the time, I’m not :-)
    [P.S: Maybe just look at some different types of magazines and try and work of those. And even set some templates for pages you’re going to do :-) ]

  • Nice. I like the way it’s presented, even though I couldn’t view it as a 2 page spread on Adobe Reader. I do have a few minor complaints for it:
    1) Your “best /music of 2013” is completely invalid because you only had a VERY small selection of modern “pop” songs.
    2) You have too many adverts. If you need one to fill out a page, or to display some very nice concept art, fine. But having 2 segments then an advert throughout most of the magazine seems like you can’t find enough material to put in there.
    3) You ought to add user reviews to your magazines. Although pro opinions usually cover all the points, getting user reviews of content can help people.

    Overall, nice magazine. :-D

  • It’s a good magazine and definitely unique :) one thing though is that the design is a bit clunky; try using columns etc next time :)

    • Well, the main idea of the design of this Magazine is to make it clunky. If/when we start writing a bigger article in the next issue, I surely will use columns.
      Thanks for the feedback by the way! :-)

  • I have to say that this magazine was an absolute delight to read. The Sims Community Team put so much work into this and I am proud to be a Simmer reading it. I look forward to the next issue.

    Excellent work!