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SimGuruCopeland: Got a Store Idea?


SimGuruCopeland wants your ideas for a new The Sims 3 Store object set.

A while ago I asked all of you what new venues you would like to see and that thread was wildly successful! So now I’d like to find out what new object sets you’d like to see? Is there a favorite set that we should revisit or a theme we’ve never touched on that you’d like to see in your game? Let us know!

Same brainstorming rules as before: Keep it constructive and on topic.

EDIT: Several people are mentioning new Premium Content they would like, which is fine, but I’m asking specifically about object sets (mimics) you’d like to see in the Sims 3 Store. e8a506dc4ad763aca51bec4ca7dc8560

Click on the picture below to suggest your idea!



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