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Don’t even try to deny it – I don’t care how “hardcore” you are as a gamer, you have probably been addicted to The Sims at some point. The latest version of the game boasts a bunch of improvements, but it’s the emotions that might get you fired up.

The Sims 4 features three main changes: new, more believable sims; faster more intuitive tools; and an integrated gallery.

During character creation, the sliders and horrible sub-sub-sub menus are gone. Players can highlight any part of the body to adjust and then simply drag as desired to customise. Even the walk styles can be customised, adding personality and flair to the way your Sim moves around the world.

Speaking of that world, players can explore their environments, go fishing or even cut plants from local parks and plant them in their own gardens. The world is much more dynamic and full.

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