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The Sims 4 – is Create a Sim Demo coming our Way?


Create a Sim Demo has been released! Check our Home Page for updates.

Please note this before reading the post below:

  • Our intention is not to spread false rumors since that won’t do any good to our website.
  • We won’t name an Electronic Arts website that leaked this logo. We don’t want to get us or anyone else in trouble for this.
  • If you don’t believe us, that’s fine, but don’t post hate comments since we are making this post all for you and your anticipation for Create a Sim Demo.
  • There is a small possibility that this logo is not refering to Create a Sim Demo (as a downloadable Demo game).

A trusted Electronic Arts website posted The Sims 4 Box Art in .psd (Adobe Photoshop file), and inside of that .psd file there’s a multi-language logo in Adobe Illustrator’s .ai file extension. If you take a look, there’s nothing new in this picture.


But, it appears that a certain layer of this logo is hidden. After I have revealed the hidden layer, this appeared:

Translation: The Sims 4 – Create a Sim Demo


This doesn’t entirely have to mean that there will be Create a Sim Demo game coming our way, but there’s also no other point to include this text into a .psd box art for The Sims 4.

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