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Sims 4 Creator’s Camp – News, Gameplay and First Impressions


This year the week of July 28th to August 1st Simmers from around the world gathered in Redwood, California to visit the EA/Maxis studio for The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp. Small bites and pieces of their time at the camp snuck its way onto The Gallery, but today, August 4th the embargo lifts and those who attended the camp are able to talk.

Below you will find a list of the attendees with their websites and what they are known for/produce for the community so you can get a better idea of their perspective and if they are more likely to focus on a certain aspect of the game.

*It has been reported that a few of the attendees were able to get videos of actual gameplay so  keep an eye out for that. I’ll add a tag to the link so you won’t miss a thing 🙂

(Watch this thread throughout the day as it will be updated with links to new information)


The Sim Supply (Australia) – YouTube / Build Mode / Let’s Play

The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp – Vlog Day 1

Sara De Moor (Belgium) Build Mode

The Sims 4 Preview

Alala Sims/The Sim Series (Brazil) News / Custom Content

SimsPost Drops #1
SimsPost Drops #2
SimsPost Drops #3

Simatography (Canada) Machinima / Photography

Sims Artists (France) Custom Content / Build Mode

Travel Blog : Creator’s Camp
Creator’s Camp : Mini Class

SimCookie (France) News

The Sims 4 Preview

Simsoucis (France) News / Game Guides

L’UniverSims (France) News / Community

Garry’s School (France) Youtube / Let’s Play (Germany) News / Custom Content

(following article titles are from the google translation)

The Sims 4 Worlds, Neighborhoods, Public Areas & Land
The Sims 4 Build Mode – Tools, Features, Options, Cheats
The Sims 4 Properties – Buy Mode Operation, Objects Purchased, Babies, Cars
Special features in The Sims 4: Pregnancy, rocket building, holo-game, invoices, Easel, Pirate ship and workbench
The Sims 4 Wishes and Rewards
The Sims 4 Interactions and Emotions
The Sims 4 Careers – Astronaut, Entertainer, Babysitter etc
The Sims 4 Skills – Comedy, Cooking, Programming, Gardening etc
The Sims 4 collectibles – Frogs, Fish, Fruit, Fossils, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs etc
The Sims 4 Game Achievements
The Sims 4 Events, Parties and Rewards
Death in the Sims 4 – Fire, Electric Shot, Old Age, Laughter etc
The Sims 4 Cheats and Codes
Modding The Sims 4
The Sims 4 In-Game Camera, Screenshots and Video
The Sims 4 Conclusion (Germany) News

Hands on : The Sims 4 Mega-Preview

Gronkh (Germany) Youtube / Let’s Play

Babylonia (Korea) Custom Content

Salamul Heyo (Korea) Community

Sims Network (Netherlands) News / Custom Content

SNW @ Creator’s Camp : New Screens and Music

Sasha Spilberg (Russia) Youtube / Let’s Play

PekeSims (Spain) News / Custom Content

Mods and Custom Content in The Sims 4
Live Mode Sims 4 : My Top 10
The Sims 4 : Vivid, Different and Daring
The Sims 4 : Animations

ChrillSims3 (Sweden) Youtube / Let’s Play

Rachybop (United Kingdom) YouTube / Let’s Play

English Simmer (United Kingdom) YouTube / Let’s Play

The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp : Information Overview

The Sims Resource (United Kingdom) Custom Content

Creator’s Camp Teaser Before The News
Creator’s Camp News Part #1

Bill’s Sim Creations (United States) Build Mode

Creator’s Camp From a Builder’s Perspective

ehaught58 (United States)

Sims 4 Creator’s Camp : ehaught58 (Official Sims 3 Forum Post)

SimsVIP (United States) News

Cheats, Hotkeys & Controls 
Creator’s Camp Exclusive : The Sims 4 Theme Song
Lifetime Rewards
New Screenshots
Interview w/ Argus Hulin
Creator’s Camp Modding Masterclass
Live Mode Lessons

Ruthless_KK (United States) Build Mode / CAW

Gimme Some Controls : The Sims 4 Build Mode Hotkeys

Pinstar/The Sims Legacy Challenge(United States) Legacy Challenge

Sims 4 Creator’s Camp – Careers and School
Exclusive Interview with Graham Nardone about The Sims 4

AsiaShaMecca (United States) SF Magazine



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