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The Sims 4 – Main Menu Screen Recreation!


At The Sims 4 EU Preview, we started off from The Sims 4’s Main Menu Screen. We weren’t able to take screens of it (only in-game screens and videos were allowed), but there were no restrictions in photographic memory  😉

The Main Menu screen is very simple: white background with Sims doing all the crazy things: painting, sculpting, running, talking and such. These Animation/Video backdrops changed every 10-15 seconds.

The plus button below the Play button represents the ”Create New Household” action which, after you finish with creating Sims in CAS, leads you to ”Moving In” screen with Oasis Springs/Willow Creek Map. The Play button just loads the Household you played last.

You can load a saved Game by clicking the floppy disk in the upper right corner. As far as I remember, we had 3-4 Pre-Saves.

recre1 recre2

I noticed that one PC had a disconnected internet. Everything was still the same, except there was now a render on the bottom bar that let you know you’re offline. (Not sure if it exactly said ”You’re Currently Offline” but you get the point).


Please note that these Main Menu Recreation Screens are just a representation of what Main Menu should we expect when the game comes out. It’s not official and it looks much better with Sims moving around!

The ”You’re Currently Offline” Main Menu Screen does not mean that the game requires an internet connection – it just lets you know are you able to use The Gallery or not.

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