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SteelSeries Engine 3 now supports The Sims 4 Gear!


Jacqpinks found out that the SteelSeries Engine 3 now supports The Sims 4 SteelSeries Peripherals (TS4 Gaming Headset & TS4 Gaming Mouse).


You can configure both items and change the color of the Plumbob LED Illumination. Both of them have the ability to change the color for each executable file you have (whether it’s a game or a program – doesn’t matter). To do so, click on the gear you want to change, under the Configurations tab you’ll find Default and The Sims 4 In-Game options. To not overwrite any of those 2, click on the ”New” button, name it however you want and add applications that you want to change certain colors.

headset1 mouse1


Both Gears also have an option that lets the LED change colors automatically using ColorShift.


What’s also cool about this Engine is that it lets you save your mouse click patterns and timings. If you’re playing an RPG or a shooter game, the Macro option is the perfect choice!


Don’t worry about how many memory will this Engine use; after you save your customization settings, click on the X and the engine will run quietly on your taskbar. It only takes 14MB of your Memory, so don’t worry! 🙂


Here’s what my customization setting looked like on The Sims 4 Peripherals:


Click Here to download this Engine!


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